A burning hatred
Robin Hackett
October 13, 2011
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are by some considerable distance the best-supported clubs in Argentina, and each edition of the Superclásico holds Buenos Aires in its grip for days.

The clubs began life in the working class docklands of La Boca, but River upped sticks to the more salubrious Núñez area in 1925, and the social divide helped fuel this most colourful and boisterous of rivalries. "I don't go anymore," one Boca fan told The Observer in 1997. "Every time you stop jumping or singing and take a rest, you get some idiot screaming in your ear: 'Sing! Sing!'"

Beyond the thrilling vibrancy, the derby has its dark side. In 1968, 71 fans were killed in a crush at River's El Monumental ground, while the clubs' barra brava - or ultras - have brought deliberate violence. In 1994, after River beat Boca 2-0 on their way to the Apertura title, Boca fans unleashed a hail of bullets on a lorry carrying River fans, killing two. Graffiti appeared in the aftermath reading 'River 2-2 Boca'.

Earlier this year, the Superclásico schedule was brought to a halt after River were relegated for the first time in their history.
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