Madagascar's first Africa Cup of Nations has been magical, but they're not done yet
Nick Ames
July 7, 2019
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"I am very attached to this country on a human level: all the good people there, and the friends I have made," Dupuis says. "There is suffering and poverty, but people are so delighted when we win. They are a priority for us, absolutely."

A shock against DR Congo would spark new levels of delirium, but for Dupuis the most important thing now is that Madagascar simply have fun.

"The only thing I will say to the players is to take pleasure in it," he says. "We are living a beautiful story and have achieved so much that is exceptional. They need to take this match, in the last 16, with no regrets. Now they play with pleasure, simplicity and togetherness. We have already won our Cup of Nations."
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