Frequently Asked Questions
Q:How do I find ESPNsoccernet on my phone?
A:You can find the new ESPNsoccernet mobile website by entering on your phone's browser. In most phone browsers, there is a Go to... or Go to URL... menu option that you can use to do this.

Q:What football coverage and content is available on ESPNsoccernet?
A:The new ESPNsoccernet mobile website gives you the same news, live scores, gamecast, fixtures, tables, player and team roster information you can find on ESPNsoccernet online, but optimized for a mobile experience. We cover the most significant global leagues and tournaments and offer regional coverage as well!

Q:Does ESPN provide special mobile coverage of major tournaments like UEFA Euro Championships, the World Cup, and the UEFA Champion's League?
A:Yes. ESPNsoccernet mobile web provides users with exclusive, in-depth coverage of all the major global tournaments, including news, tables, fixtures and live scores and commentary you can follow on your mobile phone! Don�t miss out on a single score!

Q:The pictures on the ESPNsoccernet mobile website do not show up. How do I make them display correctly?
A:Make sure you're using a phone that supports images; most phones sold in the last 2 years will support our image formats. You may also need to turn images on in your browser settings.

Q:How can I refresh live scores?
A:From the gamecast page of any score you can select Refresh or Autorefresh. Refresh will reload the latest commentary and scores at that point in time, while Autorefresh will continuously reload the page every 15 seconds. Please be advised that new data is transferred with each refresh.

Q:Can I sign up for ESPNsoccernet Alerts?
A:Currently only US customers will be able to sign up for soccer alerts. You can sign up or manage your ESPN Alerts preferences from the ESPN Mobile Web page. Go to on your phone's browser, then look for the Alerts Sign-up link in the footer of the page. We are working on making alerts available in countries outside the US. Stay tuned!

Q:What is the difference between ESPN Mobile Web and ESPNsoccernet?
A:ESPN Mobile Web is a mobile web site where you can find all ESPN news, scores, stats, standings, player and team information across most sports. The new ESPNsoccernet mobile website is all about international football/soccer coverage.

Please feel free to ask us any other questions you have via our Feedback page. Thanks for using the new ESPNsoccernet mobile website!
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