For Blackberry Users
Q:How do I ensure that I have the correct BlackBerry Browser settings for the ESPNsoccernet mobile website?
A:When you are on the ESPNsoccernet site, go to "Options" from the menu and select "Browser Configuration". Check the boxes to enable HTML tables, stylesheets, images, background images, and Javascript. Your stylesheet type should be Handheld. Click the wheel or the Menu key (which is to the left of the trackball) and choose "Save Options". You�re done! Go back to the ESPNsoccernet homepage and reload to see how much better it looks.

Q:When I load the ESPNsoccernet homepage, it tells me that my settings aren't optimized, but I've verified that they are correct. What do I do?
A:For best results, make sure you are using the BlackBerry Browser rather than your carrier or operator's browser.

Q:When I click the Scores link at the top of the screen, why doesn't it always scroll to the Scores section?
A:If the Scores section is visible on the page, the Scores jumplink will scroll your cursor to the top of that section but will not redraw the screen. If the Scores section is completely offscreen, the entire screen will refresh and that section will scroll to the top.

Q:How do I navigate the ESPNsoccernet mobile website more efficiently?
A:Great question! We have a few ideas that may really speed up your browsing.
    1.Use the Jumplinks at the top of each page. They'll save you time (and save your thumb).
    2.Use your space bar to read through stories; it�s faster than using the wheel or the trackball.
    3.Hold down the Alt key and you can use the wheel to move sideways. This comes in handy when you want to get to the Jumplinks on the homepage.
    4.You can use the Enter key to click links instead of double-clicking the wheel.

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