Kiper: 2015 NFL Mock Draft 4.0

The combine is now well in the rearview mirror, and performances there have now been mostly backed up by pro days. Add to that the fact that at least some needs have been targeted (if not addressed) in free agency and we're at the point where draft boards juxtaposed against needs and priorities are coming into better focus. I have many changes from the mock draft I released back in early March, starting with a change for the No. 2 quarterback on my board.

As always, let me note a couple of things that factor into what you see below:

• I won't be projecting any trades, but I will mention where I think a trade could be in play.
• As I often note in my position rankings, scheme can dictate a player's ultimate position.

With that said, enjoy diving into the latest mock. Note that we've added video highlights and have a page here with highlights and comments on many prospects.

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