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K. Lee Davis PEACE!
Sam you guys did well! see you soon! 15 crew need out for assault
Moon Base Commander Well... that was weird. See ya next week.
cb thanks Klee,sad day for me ,but great coverage
Mack (Spade Racing) Thanks to all the ESPNers, 1 race to go!!!
David (ATL) Good chat! See y'all next week
30ought6 Cheers folks!
Guest I'm not sure either Driver should be sat out but #15 Crew needs to be sat out.
K. Lee Davis OK gang, that's about all we have for today
Mack (Spade Racing) ...and then there were 2, or and then there WAS 2? ;)
XYZ Someone- Kyle was frustrated with Hornaday during that incident
Willo Jeff Gordon almost took out the championship leader, Someone.
Someone Gordon didn't do anything wrong in my opinion. When your frustrated you do what you have to do. Kyle Busch on the other hand is a different story. When he wrecked Ron Hornaday under the caution.
Mack (Spade Racing) Keelan's first Victory Lane
Willo Harvick basically admitted that he's going to SHR in 2014 during that interview
XYZ Two fights break out, Nascar doesnt throw a caution, and we are talking about JJ's interview????
Ed Hinton nascar can't control the life and death situations in storms outside the track, Mack. They can control the life and death situations on the front stretch on the track.
Emily I wish JJ showed more of the personality we've heard so much about.
Mike That JJ interview, how is he not sponsored by NyQuil?
PP ( BOSTON) That sounded a lot like a concession speech from Jimmie. VERY unllike him
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