Racing Live! Daytona Monday on
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NASCARESPN via Twitter It was 17, 88, 16, 11, 31, 27, 29, 99, 20, 55. Somehow @mattkenseth's car rebounded just fine after early overheating issues. #NASCAR
Willo Willo's cursed fantasy team finished 1, 2, 13, 35 and 42
K. Lee Davis PEACE!
30ought6 Cheers folks!
K. Lee Davis We're wrapping it up. Good night from Daytona International Speedway!
Scott from Hollyweird cya all next week
Willo By the way, Ambrose finished 13th.
manhattan beach laura Thank K lee and ESPN folks! And all the 17000 chatters on here! See you in Phoenix!
Moon Base Commander I must be off.. see ya!
30ought6 well...that was fun
RyanMcGeeESPN via Twitter When @MattKenseth retires we're going to look at his resume and say, "Damn, he did all that?!" #Daytona500
Willo Ladies and gentlemen, please send an e-mail saying you enjoyed seeing Ollie's on the 36 car. They still need funding.
jayski_nascar via Twitter 17 wins #Daytona500 then 88 16 11 31 27 29 99 55 &20; 15 56 9 47 36 14 18 32 26 &6; 39 83 38 78 13 93 33 87 5 &98; #NASCAR
Moon Base Commander The 37 hours of the Daytona 500 has concluded.
JoeBreezeESPN via Twitter Matt Kenseth is your 2012 #Daytona500 champion.
Neal from Little D Thanks K. Lee, Terry, Ed, and the rest of the ESPN crew. Let's hope NASCAR tweaks this rule package before 'Dega.
Rita Jean bye guys. i am tired also.
K. Lee Davis Alright gang, we're going to get to work now! It was seriously fun. We'll see you Sunday from Phoenix!
manhattan beach laura Night big Wheel! And agree!
C33 Thanks, ladies and gents! Until next week... Peace!
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