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Welcome to SportsNation! On Wednesday, NFL draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. will be by to take your questions.Kiper has served as expert analyst for ESPN's annual NFL draft coverage since 1984. On Saturdays from 8 a.m. to noon ET, Kiper co-hosts "Dari and Mel" with Dari Nowkhah. He also appears on ESPN Radio's College GameDay as well as SportsCenter and on your questions now and join Kiper Wednesday at 1 p.m. ET!
Mel Kiper
We know what juniors are coming out now. The new Mock Draft is up. We can talk about it all.
keenan raleigh nc [via mobile]
what's the chances that the colts will make robert grffith III the number 1 pick?
Mel Kiper
No, I don't see that happening. That would mean you're passing on Andrew Luck. He has a higher grade than RGIII. He is the heir to Peyton Manning. You can't pass on him. That's not saying that RGIII won't be a good QB, but Luck has the highest grade in decades.
eric, massachusetts [via mobile]
Do you think the pats could try to draft a bigger name player this year, or will they continue to stock up picks for future years?
Mel Kiper
You always like to do a combination of both. But you can't get too cute. You use it wisely. If there are three players you really like when you're picking and you can move down and make the pick later. But if you are keying a guy, you have to take him.
John (San Francisco)
In many mock drafts I've seen, Michael Floyd has been taken as early as 7 and as late as 23. If Michael Floyd is still on the board in the back half of the first round should the niners trade up to get him. If so what would they have to give up
Mel Kiper
The teams that would make sense for Floyd are Chicago at 19, Cleveland at 22. Houston at 26. New England at 27. SF certainly at 31, but I don't think he'll be there. I think he goes between 19-22. If the 49ers want to move up, they'll have to get there. If they stay, they might be looking at Alshon Jeffrey.
ruben v (ft laud, fl) [via mobile]
Are the dolphins going to even try to trade the rams for their pick and draft rg3?
Mel Kiper
Yeah, that's a scenario that's very possible. St. Louis could look to move down. But moving down to 9 wouldn't be good if they're looking for Justin Blackmon. But if they're looking at Riley Rieff at LT, they could move to 9.
Adam (Auburn)
If Burfict doesn't fall to the Ravens who do you see them taking?
Mel Kiper
First of all, I think he will fall to the Ravens. He'd be a nice guy to take Ray Lewis' spot at some point. They could look at WR, OL. A versatile interior OL, they could look there. MLB on defense is a key spot.
Al (Beamsvile)
The Lions took a huge leap this year..but they definately showed some glaring holes especially in the secondary....any ideas who they could target at their position. (Please don't say a WR)..ahah
Mel Kiper
I think they'll focus on CB. A guy like Alfonzo Denard. OLB Zach Brown from UNC is another player they could look at.
Jay (NY)
Who do you expect to be the 2nd safety off the board? Martin, Smith or Iloka? Do they fall into the 2nd round discussion or 3rd?
Mel Kiper
I would say a guy that wouldn't surprise me is Antonio Allen from South Carolina for the second safety. He's 6-1, 207. Three year starter. We knew he was a rugged, in the box type guy. Aggressive kid. But this year, he made some real good plays in pass coverage. Showed very good speed. He could be in the third round or even second round ahead of those other three guys.
Adam (Oklahoma) [via mobile]
Who do you see the Cowboys getting in the first round? I was thinking a safety or corner
Mel Kiper
For the Cowboys, you think about safety or CB, do you want to take Mark Barron that high? He's the 18th best player in the draft. You're picking at 14, so you don't want to do that. It would be a reach at that point. If Dre Kirkpatrick slips, you could look at him. They could look at OG if they don't want to go safety or CB.
jacob columbia sc [via mobile]
Do you think alshon would have been higher on the boards if he would have stayed one more year or if there had been more consitent qb play(ie not losing garcia and the shaw learning curve)?
Mel Kiper
That was the big problem, the QB play. But it won't necessarily be tremendously improved, the QB play. Staying for another year, he might be in the same situation. He averaged less than 10 yards per catch late in the year. He's a late 1, not an early to mid 1.
bengalsteve-Maryland [via mobile]
Any chance Richardson falls to 17 for the Bengals?
Mel Kiper
No. The Bengals pick again at 21. The guy you would think about at 21 is Lamar Miller or David Wilson. Two talented RBs. Both of those kids provide great game breaking ability.
Mel Kiper
Richardson might go somewhere in the top 10.
Luke (IN) [via mobile]
What do you think QB Thomas out of Oregon's chances are of getting drafted? His decision to come out early, more than anything else, has shocked me leading up to this year's draft.
Mel Kiper
It surprised me too. He's not ready for the NFL. He's coming out of Oregon and I thought another year to enhance his passing skills would have been big. I don't think he's ready to be a starting QB in the NFL. He's a guy you take a flier on late in the draft. With all of the things going on at Oregon, I don't understand. I understand they have a young QB they really like at Oregon.
Chris pa [via mobile]
How late do u see lamichael James going
Mel Kiper
I think he'll be in the second round mix if he runs a great 40 at the combine. At worst a third round pick. I see a lot of Darren Sproles in him. He averaged 7.4 yards per carry. He improved his receiving abilities. He's a small, determined runner.
Kurt (Utah)
The Steelers really need corner help and OL help is there a top line corner or Tackle at #24 for the Steelers.
Mel Kiper
An OT would be hard to find unless they were to stretch it a little bit for Zebrie Sanders. I don't think there's a CB there. Dontari Poe, a NT, could be a guy they look to to upgrade the front seven.
Jake (Miami)
Do you think Foles will fall to the 2nd round say where Miami picks, if they take OT 1st round and Foles 2nd round that would be a great start dont you think?
Mel Kiper
They tried this before. They tried to take Jake Long a few years ago and took Chad Henne in the second round. Do you try to be aggressive and try to get RGIII in the first round? Who says Nick Foles will be a great NFL QB? Much more of a chance that RGIII will be a better NFL QB. He has the better grade. When you look at RGIII he gives you a better shot at hitting the jackpot.
Sean Chagani [via mobile]
People focus on the early rounds too often. Who are some later pickups that you think will make a big difference for teams who pick them?
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