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Gavin Maloof
The only thing I'd worry about is the weather. You're taking a big risk there. But we've been to a lot of games at Rutker Park in NYC. We love those!
Joe Maloof
The only thing I could see is that if it rained and then you'd have to play a double-header like in MLB. I don't think NBA players would want to paly two games in one evening!
Sean (Santa Rosa, CA)
Joe and Gavin, I am a HUGE Kings fan! I just wanted to let you know what a great job you have done with the team. Resigning Geoff Petrie and pulling off the Webber trade were great moves. You've really created a player and fan friendly organization. Thanks again.
Gavin Maloof
Without the fans, we can't exist so thanks for supporting the Kings and being so loyal to the franchise!
Jay Sacramento CA
Joe and Gavin, Why do you think the Kings are so inconsistent this year? Some games they play pretty good defense, others they just stand and watch the other team come right down the lane and lay it up. It's like some players are frozen, no jumping, no reaction. It is a priveledge to play in the NBA, shouldn't they be putting out 110% EVERY GAME??? Can we clone a few more Brian Skinners and Kenny Thomas, they were great aquisitions!
Gavin Maloof
I think it's just the guys still trying to get to know each other. It takes time. Once we get Brad Miller and Bobby Jackson back, that will give us another lift that we are going to need for the playoffs!
Pasqual (Albuquerque NM)
Joe and Gavin, Albuquerque just got awarded an NBDL Team, what are the chances the Albuquerque Team will be affiliated with the Kings, wink, wink
Gavin Maloof
I don't think there is any affiliations now between the NBA and the NBDL. It's kind of a feeder league but there really aren't any affiliations or links to teams. But that's to say it couldn't happen in the future.
Gavin Maloof
And remember Pasqual, we have a preseason game in Albuquerque against the Suns in October!
Joe (Philly)
Next time I am in Vegas, I plan to visit The Palms for the 1st time. What can I expect?
Joe Maloof
Fun. A lot of fun! I think you'll expect great service, great food and lots of hospitality .... AND, a lot of pretty girls!
mike (san jose, ca)
rumor has it that san jose is one of the cities that you could move the team if it doesn't get a new arena in sacramento. can you comment on where you could end up if not sacramento? do you think the bay area is big enough for both the kings and warriors?
Gavin Maloof
Well, we're really not focussed on any other cities. We love Sacramento and we plan on staying in Sacramento.
One last arena question. What about one of the many Local Indian Casinos paying for sum of the cost of a new arena and then giving them naming rights or something of that nature. Any chance or conversations of that nature?
Joe Maloof
That's a pretty good idea, Michael. In fact, that's an idea that might make a lot of sense. We have some great friends in Sacramento and we have some very important customers that are affiliated with the tribes and they are big Kings fans! So that might be an option that Gavin and I look into b/c the tribes really do so much, they are very active in the community and really give back in a lot of ways. Most importantly, they are big, big Kings fans!
huot (folsom ca)
i just want to say i'd love to buy you guys a beer one day because i've always been a die hard king fan since 85, but it was hard to say it out loud for years, till you guys came in the picture , now it feels like sacramento has a legitimate sports team and its just a blast now thank you
Gavin Maloof
Thank you for your support! We've got tremendous fans not only in California but all over the world. Someday we'll take the Kings back to a championship contender. Just be patient. It will take a little time, we'll we'll get back to where we need be.
Joe Maloof
We always like to look at the glass half-full. Right now, we might have a little bit of a down period since the Webber trade as our players get accustomed to playing with each other. BUT when we go into the playoffs with a healthy roster it's full-steam ahead and we have as good a chance as anybody this year if and when we are 100% healthy.
Garry (Rocklin)
Hi Joe, Hi Gavin. My Brother and I had the pleasure of meeting you both a a kings playoff game several years back. In the hospility tent. I was really impressed that you took time to talk to us and not just blow us off. My Brother has since passed away, he was 48, but he was very impressed also. thank you for making two guys true fans of now just the Kings...we have been kings fans since they moved here in 1985, but of the ownershif also. If anyone can get an arena built in Sacramento, I know you can. Thanks for the memories.
Joe Maloof
We really appreciate that. We're trying our hardest. We're not going to give up on Sacramento. We may look at this arena a different way, and we've run into a wall three or four different times, but we'll keep trying. We need to get this arena built.
nate dawg, long beach, ca
Hello guys, how do you manage to get involved in so many different business ventures? Can I get some hints on how to be so successful?
Joe Maloof
Well, we're in a lot of fun businesses, that's for sure! We picked out businesses that we enjoy, No. 1. We've been in the beer business since our grandfather. Coors and Miller -- the beer business is fun. The basketball business is a lot of fun and the gaming business is close to the most fun. You have to pick people with lots of integrity to run your operations, people who you trust because no two people can do everything themselves. Get involved in something you love -- that's my advice!
Joe Maloof
The key is to always remember you customer and your fan. Nothing positve happens until you take care of your customer or your fan. We know how to cater to people. In fact, we enjoy it!
Joe (Philly)
Gentlemen like yourselves represent a new breed of owner who is approachable and willing to rub elbows with the average fan. Are you guys (and I guess I have add Mr Cuban as well)a new paradigm or just exceptions to the rule?
Gavin Maloof
I don't think we're exceptions to the rule, although our style is just a little bit different. We like to be with the fans. We sit courtside. We take fans suggestions. Everything we do in ARCO Arena takes our fans into consideration. They are No. 1. That's what has kept us successful, that complete dedication to our fan base.
Chris (Elk Grove, CA)
Has there been anymore talks with the city about the land that you and the city own near arco. I think it was totalling 180 acres. Also with the money from that if you both sold, and the money from the ownership group that was willing to put their land up, wouldn't that get you in the ball park of the $ figure you are looking for?
Gavin Maloof
We've had such a difficult time trying to approach this new arena with the city of Sacramento and its politicians. We don't know right now if it's better to try to get it built privately OR if we should try again to do a public-private partnership that most NBA cities have done throughout the years.
Non arena question. The comany I work for have been seasn ticket holders for about 5 years and we usually give our tickets to Clients. Have you thought of ever having "kings Bucks" or something that we can purchase and give away with the tickets so are clients can purchase merchandise or food at the arena? Either a voucher or refillable credit card?
Joe Maloof
We'll look into it! That sounds like a great idea! Couponbooks or something! We'll take that back to the geniuses at the office!
pete, denton, tx
Hey guys, I just wanted to say thanks for committing to extending Adleman's contract. Even with all the player changes over the past couple of years, I think that its the overall vision from you guys, geof petrie, & rick Adleman that keeps the Kings in the upper echelon of the NBA. You all seem to share a philosophy that fosters an environment that makes the Kings style of play so much fun to watch. Thank You! The Kings are what made me an NBA fan again. Any chance you guys can spot me a ticket or two for a Mavs Kings playoff game if it happens?????
Gavin Maloof
Pete, unfortunately, you have to pay to play. No free tickets kicking around, but that's for the support. And, yes, I think the decision to extend Adleman and Jeff Petrie speaks volumes to how proud we are our the personnel that run this organization that we love so much. We try so hard to field the best product to put on the court.
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