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Chat with Nick Wagoner
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Welcome to SportsNation! On Friday, ESPN NFL Nation St. Louis Rams reporter Nick Wagoner drops by to chat and answer all of your Rams questions.

A member of the Pro Football Writers of America, Wagoner joined ESPN in 2013 after nine years of covering the Rams for He also previously covered University of Missouri football.

Send your questions now and join Wagoner Friday at 1 p.m. ET!

Nick Wagoner
Good Friday afternoon everybody. Hope you're all having a good week and ready for the weekend. Sorry for the one-week hiatus but as you could probably tell, it was a busy week in Indianapolis. We're back up and running so let's get right to it...
Dwayne (NY)
Hey Nick, What are the odds the Rams trade/cut Bradford before the season starts. I know we all know Fisher is committed to Bradford f?or 2014 but didn't he same the same about his coaching staff (Walton)?
Nick Wagoner
I just don't know what else needs to be said to make people believe that the Rams are sticking with Sam Bradford as their quarterback. He's not getting cut. He's not getting traded. He's the guy.
Jamey Burky (Westminster, CO)
Do you think Justin Gilbert is a definite pick for the St. Louis Rams?
Nick Wagoner
I don't think any player is a definite pick for the St. Louis Rams.
Bryce (LA)
Nick! There's 60 seconds left before you have to turn the card in to Roger Goodell, trade offers didn't amount to anything and you have to choose quickly! Who's it going to be? Clowney? Robinson? Watkins?
Nick Wagoner
I wrote last week that I believe it should be Watkins. I also don't believe Robinson or Clowney would be anything but a great pick. They can't really go wrong with any of them. And to be clear, just because I think they should go with Watkins doesn't mean I think they will take him. I still believe they will look to move down in a trade before making a pick.
David (St. Louis) [via mobile]
After early hesitation, I'm on the Sammy Watkins bandwagon. Do you think that trading back to the 4-6 range would still get him? It sounds like Clowney, one of the OTs, and multiple quarterbacks could go before Watkins, and it would be great to pick up another 2nd rounder in such a deep draft.
Nick Wagoner
I think he's gone by 6 and he could be by 5. If Cleveland traded up, I'm assuming it would be for a QB and I think he could still be had at 4. Any lower than that and I think there's a very real chance he's gone.
Gabriel (Whittier CA)
I'm hoping for a trade down for the #2 pick...what are the odds or likely hood of us obtaining another 1rd pick next year from the potential trade partner?
Nick Wagoner
It's possible but I don't know if it's probable. I just don't know that any team is going to love one of those QBs enough to give up that kind of a bounty.
Jim (California)
How are Bradford and Long progressing with their rehab?
Nick Wagoner
Les Snead said at the combine that he's "not losing any sleep" over either recovery. He noted that technology is really helping both along. Clearly, Long is further away since his surgery is still recent but by all accounts Bradford is right on schedule and will be fine barring some unforeseen setback.
Kevin Dyson (TN)
Nick Wagoner
I have to admit, this made me chuckle.
64Rams (Arizona)
Do you know how much money the Rams can free up for free agency?
Nick Wagoner
Not sure I understand the question. Theoretically they could free up as much as they want by cutting guys. But realistically, there are three players that could save them in the $12-15 million range if they cut them outright. They could also restructure to save that money. And if they didn't want to do that, they could very easily convert some money to signing bonus on someone like LB James Laurinaitis to create more space.
Steve (California)
Do you have any insight into what Snead and Fisher's views are about Pryor, Ha-Ha, and Jimmy Ward?
Nick Wagoner
Not yet.
L Baker (Corona, CA)
I do not expect you to print this. I just want to say I am really disappointed with your support of Clemens.I like him to. However, we either have the worst WR in the game or????
Nick Wagoner
Disappointed? Because I think they should bring him back as a No. 3 QB? I'm not really sure I understand what you are disappointed about? Clemens is a positive locker room presence and played better this year than most of us expected. I haven't advocated bringing him back as the primary backup to Bradford but having him around as a tutor for a drafted No. 2 QB would make a lot of sense to me, especially with Bradford concentrating on getting healthy.
Elmendorf (Long Island)
In your opinion, what has the best chance of happening in order?1-Rams staying at the "refurbished" dome.2-Rams getting a new open-air St. Loo park3-Rams going to La-La land
Nick Wagoner
I've said it before and will say it again, I really don't know what's going to happen. Anyone who isn't Stan Kroenke who tells you they do know what's going to happen is probably not telling you the truth. I will say this, I see almost zero chance the Rams long term home is the Edward Jones Dome.
Justin (Pasadena, CA)
Is it fair judgement to call Brian Quick a bust? Appalachian State or not, how patient are they with his development?
Nick Wagoner
I'm not there yet. But this is absolutely a big year for him. Three years is a fair sample size to judge any player. If he doesn't take a big step forward this year, I can understand those ready to give up and move on.
Steve (California)
What is the earliest round you thin the Rams should (as opposed to will) look at a backup/development/insurance quarterback? Is the second round too valuable at this stage for someone like Garoppolo?
Nick Wagoner
If there's a QB they think can be a good backup early and potentially push for a starting job at some point, I'd have no qualms with them taking a QB in round 2. I think round 3 is a better starting point but for the right guy, round 2 would be fine. It needs to be a priority one way or another, IMO.
Cody (Colorado)
What up homeslice, greatly appreciate your chats. With news that the cap likely will jump to over 140 and 150 million the following seasons after this one do you believe that will change the plans this offseason for the team or do you feel they already expected this?
Nick Wagoner
I don't know that it changes the plan but it does offer the opportunity to pay a little more to keep your own guys if you want to go that way. To me, the best news for the Rams about the cap jump is it should allow them to keep some of their young talent in the coming years. I still don't expect them to spend big money in this year's free agent market.
Rafael Luciano (Ribeirao Preto, Brazil)
do the rams have enough cap to go after J.Byrd ? and if so, will they make a jump at him ?
Nick Wagoner
I don't expect Byrd to hit the market. If he does, I don't expect the Rams to spend that kind of money on a safety.


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