Chat with Bruce Levine

Chat with Bruce Levine
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Welcome to! Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox reporter Bruce Levine stops by Tuesday to chat.

Levine has covered sports in Chicago for over 28 years and hosts "Talkin' Baseball," heard Saturday mornings on ESPN 1000.

Send your questions now and join the chat Tuesday at noon CT/1 p.m. ET!

Bruce Levine
Welcome to the chat.
davidg (chicago) [via mobile]
is alexei going to be traded fersure? if so what will we be looking to get for him?
Bruce Levine
Ramirez is still one of the top SS in the AL. I'm not sure that they have a replacement in their organization. If you take some of the errors away, he's still one of the best in baseball. I would hesitate to trade him.
China town bob [via mobile]
Do you expect a samardzija extension?
Bruce Levine
There is no extension at this point. He is arbitration eligible for two more years. His pay will likely double or triple going into next season. I expect them to continue to talk to his agent about a long-term deal.
Joe (Winona,MN)
Will the Sox give Jordan Danks a real shot at a starting OF position next year? Since being given consistant playing time he has produced.
Bruce Levine
If I was Jordan I would go to winter ball this year to make up for some of the playing time he's missed on the bench. His swing has shortened up a bit and he now looks like a possible starter or at worst the fourth OF.
Jim (San antonio)
Any chance the Cubs try to re-sign Matt Garza over the winter since they want more pitching in free agency?Also, who would be your pick for the fourth OF next year assuming Lake is a starter, Bogusevic or Sweeney?
Bruce Levine
I would sign both. Having the left-handed bat is san important aspect of every team's offense. I think Bogusevic may have turned the corner and end up being the player that the Astros thought he was when they drafted him. I think the Garza ship has sailed for the Cubs. Despite the fact he has had a poor go of it with Texas, he is still going to look for a 3-4 year deal at $15 million or $16 million a year.
Bob (Highland Park)
Bruce, Why is there no mention of Matt Sczur for the Cubs? he had a good season at AA, leads off, a good OBP, and speed. Do you think he is in the future plands?Thanks
Bruce Levine
I think he should be looked at as a future leadoff type. The problem is that the Almoras and Solers are a little sexier names than Szczur at this point. He does look like a big-league prospect. And remember he was a football guy who was still honing his baseball skills.
Big mike park ridge [via mobile]
Is Vitters completely irrelevant at this point?
Bruce Levine
I don't know about that but he's probably close to being moved to another organization after this year. He's been in the Cubs organization six years and there does not appear to be a future for him there.
Joe (Wicker Park) [via mobile]
The White Sox have to be bold this offseason. How about trading for Headley to play 3rd, sign McCann or Navarro at Catcher and go after Choo to play CF. They all hit lefty and if the BoSox and Indians could contend after being brutal last year why can't the Sox.
Bruce Levine
The Sox will have the money but it takes two to tango. These players are going to want to have to come to the team with the third-worst record in baseball. The Sox will have to overpay. Of the names you mentioned I believe Choo and McCann make the most sense. But be prepared to write an enormous check for both.
John Chicago [via mobile]
I still have faith in starlin castro Anthony Rizzo and darwin barney. How bout you?
Bruce Levine
I believe they all still have the potential to be All-Stars. Maybe not Barney offensively, but I am a big Barney fan. I don't believe he will hit less than .250 the rest of his career. As Dale Sveum said, Barney is an acquired taste, meaning that if you see him everyday you know he is a better player than his numbers.
Ed (Queens Village)
Have the White Sox quit on Robin Ventura?
Bruce Levine
I don't think you can say that. They've been playing all younger players. A number of them are not major league ready. This is a team that underachieved in every area of the game except pitching. Some of that will have to be the responsibility of Ventura and the coaches. Something has to be done about their OF defense and poor baserunning.
Joe (Hammond, IN)
Why doesn't Nate Schierholtz play everyday? He's been their best player all year. Rizzo doesn't hit lefties and he plays everyday.
Bruce Levine
Schierholtz doesn't hit lefties either. That average that was .280 or .290 is now at .255. He is a very good player but he is a platoon player.
Chad (FL)
Do the Cubs go all out for Tanaka? He will be entering his prime around the time the Cubs are ready to compete. He seems like a perfect fit for what this Front Office likes.
Bruce Levine
From all indications from my baseball contacts, Tanaka is the Cubs' No. 1 offseason priority.
humbolt park chachi [via mobile]
Since Starlin Castro has struggled this year trying to be a more patient hitter. Do you think next year they will let him do it his way? I think Sveum was trying to fix one of the few things that wasn't broke.
Bruce Levine
Ultimately he has to do it his way. This is an accomplished young player who has led the NL in hits and been to two All-Star Games. He needs to be the aggressive hitter that he has been in the past.
Joe (Hammond, IN)
Do you think Edwin Jackson is among the worst free agent signings of this year?
Bruce Levine
From what the Cubs were expecting from him, yes. The lack of innings pitched is I think the most disappointing aspect of his season. This was a guy who was expected to show the way for the other young starters by throwing 200 innings. In reality he has averaged the fewest innings of any of their starters. He's a very nice guy but there is a reason why he has moved so often.
Craig (Des Plaines)
Bruce: A fellow writer wrote in a piece about Joe Girardi that if Joe wants to manage the Cubs next year the team would clear the way for his arrival. Sounds like nothing more than speculation and a reach for readers. Your take?
Bruce Levine
I don't usually speculate on what other people write. I believe Girardi has done his best managing job in 2013 keeping a team void of superstars competitive in the toughest division in baseball. I believe any number of teams would love to have him as their manager.
Nicole Andersonville [via mobile]
Would Dunn retiring actually benifit the white sox?
Bruce Levine
Dunn is not going anywhere. I wrote a story about him yesterday on ESPNChicago and the only thing he alluded to was once the competitive fire goes out he will stop playing. He's going to end up with 35 homers and 95 RBIs. He's one of the handful of legitimate power threats in baseball. That said, he is also what you would call an acquired taste. Some people cannot take the low batting average and strikeouts.


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