Chat with Bruce Levine

Chat with Bruce Levine
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Welcome to! Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox reporter Bruce Levine stops by Tuesday to chat.

Levine has covered sports in Chicago for over 28 years and hosts "Talkin' Baseball," heard Saturday mornings on ESPN 1000.

Send your questions now and join the chat Tuesday at noon CT/1 p.m. ET!

Bruce Levine
Welcome to the chat room. We're all still trying to figure out the DeJesus move yesterday. Sox fans, your team is playing better. Too little too late. Welcome ...
ted (Chicago)
will edwin jackson finish his contract with the cubs or will he be dealt before it is over? cj edwards, jake arrieta and pierce johnson are all making strong bids for the 2014 season
Bruce Levine
With all due respect, no one is trading for him at this moment. He hasn't pitched horribly but he hasn't pitched above the level of a fifth starter. I think the Cubs are going to have him on the team for the duration of the deal.
Brian (Loop)
Has Garcia shown enough to make him the starting right fielder opening day for the sox?
Bruce Levine
Not only will he be their RF, but they are counting him on being one of the main cogs of the offense going forward. He's a good-looking player and reminds me a lot of Magglio Ordonez.
Cesar (Lagrange)
Bruce, I know we havent seen much of Lake, but in your opinion is he a super sub or a legitimate starting OF?
Bruce Levine
Still to be determined. When you compare him to some of the players on the team now, I believe it's tough to gauge his competency level. He has some physical tools for sure. As it appears he is either the starter in LF or CF next year.
Dan (Chicago)
Can you explain why the Nationals would claim Dejesus and put him on waivers the following day? It just sounds like a waste of money for them.
Bruce Levine
Some people are alluding to a waiver claim mistake. He doesn't really appear to fit on the Nationals. What we do know is the Cubs saved $2.5 million on this transaction.
Brian (Denver)
What are the chances that the White Sox move Alexei Ramirez to another position next year? Maybe 3rd or outfield.
Bruce Levine
I think there's zero chance of him changing positions. He's a major league SS. Error-wise he's had a tough year but he still makes some difficult plays look easy. If the Sox want to move him I know of 3-4 teams that would be very interested.
alex (decatur, il)
please tell me that theo and jed aren't going to deal nate s. unless its a dynamite prospect this guy is a ball player and worth hanging on to imo
Bruce Levine
I agree. He's the only guy who has really played up and in some ways beyond expectations. The Cubs have him under contract control next year. He's been one pleasant story in a tough season for the rebuilding Cubs.
Drew (Oregon)
So with Dunn hitting well over the past couple of months, is there any team that might be interested in a trade this August despite his salary for next year?
Bruce Levine
The Sox have to be careful with Dunn. They do not have a legitimate power or RBI man who bats left-handed in the organization other than Dunn. He's one player who has met or exceeded expectations in this disappointing season. I don't think you just trade him unless you get left-handed pop in return.
Woj (Loop)
What is wrong with Olt in Triple-A right now? He has been a flop right now. Is there something that the scouts are telling you on why he is struggling so much?
Bruce Levine
He has suffered from concussion syndrome since getting hit in the head during winter ball. The Cubs took a gamble that he can regain the form that made him a top prospect. He should have a shot at being the Cubs regular 3B next season.
Ace (PA) [via mobile]
Will Baez replace Castro or switch positions?
Bruce Levine
Baez has some of his own defensive problems at this point. That's not to say that he won't get better. Everybody points to Derek Jets at one time having 50 errors in the minors. One thing we know for sure is that his bat is almost already major league caliber. I would expect him to make his MLB debut in late June of 2014 if he keeps improving at this pace.
Mike (Portland, OR)
What's your opinion on the Dempster/A-Rod scenario?
Bruce Levine
I don't think there are any winners in this one. Dempster was standing up for the clean players in the game. A-Rod was just trying to do his job. I think Dempster is thinking like many major league players. The way he went about it looked bad though.
Gary Dellabate (Andorra )
What are the chances the Cubs trade for a big arm this offseason like Price? Or maybe sign a big name guy to a one year deal like Lincecum or Johnson? Do you see them signing a guy like Choo or Ellsbury?
Bruce Levine
I think the likelihood of them signing more guys to short-term contracts is feasible. They are not close to win mode yet so I think they will sign more guys that they can trade at the deadline next year. Let's be honest, 2015 or 2016 are the earliest this team will be competitive.
Matt T (Mexico NY)
I am happy to see young players play,but With Sori & DeJesus now both gone,do you see any players on this roster that would qualify as leaders ? I think this is where having a good coaching staff makes a difference.
Bruce Levine
I think you have a good point. Having veterans to keep the clubhouse cohesive is very important but young vets like Barney, Samardzija and Rizzo are going to have to be the leaders of this team in the future. You can throw Castillo in that mix as well.
Tim (Ravenswood Manor)
What do you think Arrieta's ceiling is as a starter? Can he be an ace or is he more of a 2 or 3 type starter?
Bruce Levine
The Orioles thought he was an ace a couple of years ago. He has a monster arm. Like so many young players, it's commanding his secondary pitches that becomes a key for consistency. He's got a chance to be very good and the trade with the Orioles could be a decisive one for the Cubs when they look back at it.
Ryan (SLC, UT)
Navarro with the team next year?
Bruce Levine
No, I do not. I think he's been a solid veteran for them . Pitchers like Garza and Samardzija love throwing to him. But Castillo is the future behind the plate and he has made some nice strides as far as calling games and gaining the confidence of the pitchers. The coaching staff has worked hard with him so my guess is Navarro plays elsewhere. I know the Cardinals put a couple claims in for him, according to major league sources but no deal has been worked out.
Cody Reese (Island Lake, IL)
If the cubs FO were to try and do one thing during this offseason, what would it be?
Bruce Levine
One thing would be to add at least one middle of the order bat to the lineup. If you've noticed almost every player on the team has hit cleanup at one point since Soriano left. They just need more offensive credibility there.


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