Chat with Bruce Levine

Chat with Bruce Levine
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Welcome to! Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox reporter Bruce Levine stops by Tuesday to chat.

Levine has covered sports in Chicago for over 28 years and hosts "Talkin' Baseball," heard Saturday mornings on ESPN 1000.

Send your questions now and join the chat Tuesday at noon CT/1 p.m. ET!

Jon (Chicago)
Is garza starting to fall to 15 million a year because of the injuries. Maybe 4 years/ 60 mil.
Bruce Levine
Should be an interesting week for both teams. Obviously John Danks and Matt Garza will be getting most of the headlines. Welcome to the chat room.
Bruce Levine
I don't think right now Garza can have any contract demands. He's first going to have to prove he is a healthy pitcher. If he's healthy, the market for him is somewhere between $15 and $20 million per season. If Edwin Jackson is $13 million per year, what's a healthy Garza worth? Garza would be more along the lines of the deal Anibal Sanchez received.
Tom (Downers Grove)
I picture the Cubs in 3 years with a majority of the non-pitchers being brought up from within the organization but not so much with the pitchers. Can we still succeed with this formula?
Bruce Levine
Let me give you the analogy of the Kansas City Royals. They have wonderful position players, almost at every spot. But without the real good starting pitching, the Cubs will again be a 3rd or 4th place team at best. At some point Epstein and Hoyer will have to consider trading top position players for pitchers if they develop more position-player types.
Nick (Chicago)
Bruce- what do you think of the Campana trade? Management has to feel pretty good about getting young pitching prospects - especially Leal - for a guy they waived.
Bruce Levine
Both of them seem to have really good arms, and again, that's the Cubs organization's goal. If you sign 10 good pitchers maybe 2 of them will have some impact on your major league club. Campana is a very nice piece for a contending team.
Deano (Round Lake Beach)
Do the Sox have any seasoned vets at Triple A should reinforcements be needed (like Wise, Jackson, McPherson, Dan Johnson)? Any untested pitchers who could be called upon (like last year's Quintana, Santiago, Axelrod, etc...)? Thanks again.
Bruce Levine
I think what you see is what you get pitching-wise. Trayce Thompson should be the next outfielder called up in June or July, if he continues to improve and the White Sox have a need there.
Jim (CA)
In your opinion, Garza starts 20 games this season-over/under?
Bruce Levine
For his sake and the Cubs', it better be over. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with his pitching arm. I watched him throw three times this spring and he was really letting the ball go. The key will be when he starts throwing breaking balls, which will probably be a few weeks from now.
Jack (Chicago)
With Scott Feldman being named to the rotation, does that mean that Travis Wood will be a filler until Scott Baker gets healthy or is their a chance that Wood may somehow remain in the rotation?
Bruce Levine
Wood is going to have to beat out Villanueva and Cabrera is also being groomed as a starter now. The best 5 starters will be there opening day.
Larryj95256 (Konya Turkey)
Greetings from Turkey. Where do you see Soriano's most likely destination, how much salary are the Cubs willing to eat, and what can they get in return?
Bruce Levine
Ideally, Soriano would like to play on an East coast team if he is traded. He's more than likely to veto a deal to a West coast team. Right now his preference is to stay with the Cubs, and he has total control of the situation with 10 & 5 rights. By the way, I used to love Turkey...but now I'm a vegan.
What's the status of Brian Wilson? Would the Cubs be interested?
Bruce Levine
Haven't heard much about Wilson at this point. I think the Cubs are happy with their bullpen as it is right now. I can see them adding a vet if they trade Marmol. And I believe Marmol will be traded before the beginning of the season.
Jamie (Connecticut)
Do you think the White Sox will be legitimate contenders this year? Seems we are always not picked but are right there until the last month or so, and if we fall behind do you see guys like Peavy and Dunn getting traded to try and rebuild?
Bruce Levine
To answer the last part of your question first, that is a possibility. I do think that both Peavy and Dunn would be valuable chips if the White Sox decided to go in that direction. The White Sox will be dictated on how well the second-year pitchers continue to grow. Most will have to avoid the Sophomore Jinx, including Chris Sale, who is basically a second-year man as a starter.
Brock (Chicago)
Bruuuuuuce. What is Mike Quade up to these days? Is he currently with another MLB team?
Bruce Levine
I asked that question of a good friend of his last week, and he said Quade is not working for anyone at this point. The friend told me he was surprised that Quade was not more aggressive in looking for a job.
Jon (Chicago)
With the brewers either have PED issues or injuries plus weak pitching are the cubs a better team?
Bruce Levine
It's hard to say right now with Hart and Gamel out for extended periods. The Brewers will be a question mark. Also with the question mark hanging over Braun's head, that could be impactful for him and the team as well. Not sure I'm picking either one to win the division.
Steve (Central Illinois)
Maybe I've missed some updates, but I haven't heard much about Concepcion. Is he at big league camp? If so, how's he look and if not, where will he be playing this year?
Bruce Levine
I have not seen Concepcion in big league camp. I'll find out for sure, but most likely it will be at Class A.
Steve (Chicago)
Who has impressed you the most this spring, from the Cubs?
Bruce Levine
Samardzija is always impressive. His bullpen sessions look like he's ready to start the season. Barney has added about 6 or 7 pounds of muscle in hopes of staying stronger and hitting the ball with more authority this year. Fujikawa blew me away with the two side sessions I saw him throw.
Kevin (Little Rock)
Bruce!!! So I was thinking about the possibility of a trade for Mark Trumbo. Young, great power, can play the outfield, and the Angels farm system is horrid. Trust me I live in Little Rock. The Travelers stink.I am thinking maybe Soriano, Lake, and Marmol could do it, or just a package of prospects like Lake, Szuzcr, combined with Marmol.
Bruce Levine
I guess you really are an Angels fan. That seems like an awful lot of talent to pay for Trumbo. We'll count on you for more reports from Angels farm systems in the future--thanks!
Dave (Chicago)
Bruce, can you envision a scenario where Detroit isn't running away with the AL Central and they are desperate for an arm/ OF bat maybe both, do you think Garza and/or Soriano could be bait for Castellanos?
Bruce Levine
I think the one possible weakness for the Tigers could be their bullpen. The bullpen had to extend out much further because the extra three series in 2012. That and they don't have a bonafide closer right now. The rest of team looks championship caliber. Remember the Tigers didn't get it together until September last year, so the White Sox, Indians and Royals certainly have a shot.


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