Chat with Bruce Levine

Chat with Bruce Levine
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Welcome to! Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox reporter Bruce Levine stops by Tuesday to chat.

Levine has covered sports in Chicago for over 28 years and hosts "Talkin' Baseball," heard Saturday mornings on ESPN 1000.

Send your questions now and join the chat Tuesday at noon CT/1 p.m. ET!

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Bruce is running a little late -- but he'll be joining us soon!
Bruce Levine
Sorry for the late start. Was in Cubs camp early and just finished locker room with the White Sox. Ready for any and all questions!
Matty Ice (Chicago)
Do you think media make too much of Sale's arm action and potential for injury?
Bruce Levine
I just got through talking to Sale, and he added 15 lbs. of muscle during offseason workouts. Nationally I've heard a lot of negative talk about Sale and his chances of breaking down. I think the White Sox' conditioning and training staff did an excellent job of getting him through 192 innings last season. I have fewer concerns than most.
Any likelihood at all Lohse ends up a Cub on a 1-year deal? Obviously, it would with the intention of trading him. Can't have enough starters.
Bruce Levine
Ideally Lohse tries to get himself on a contender. Pitching for a team with challenges like the Cubs might not be the direction that either he or Scott Boras want to go.
Tom (Southern California)
Bruce, why would any team give the Cubs much in return for Garza in a mid-season trade knowing they could lose him in free agency and get nothing in return?
Bruce Levine
The answer is that when other teams lose starting pitching they become desperate for quality innings being pitched as they move toward postseason contention. Getting to postseason impacts not only the present year but the following as well. Starting pitching is king.
Sox Fan (Chicago)
Bruce- Any news on Danks' health and the quest for a left-handed bat?
Bruce Levine
Just talked to Danks for about 15 minutes. He feels he has no restrictions at this time. He told me he's been throwing breaking balls for the last two weeks with no ill effects to report. He's convinced he'll be one of the five pitchers in the Sox' opening day rotation. Danks' health will determine whether they have a starting pitcher to move and if they can get some help from the left side.
Tom (Downers Grove)
People are downplaying the importance of Navarro coming here and backing up Castillo. Am I the only one who thinks Navarro was a great pick up and could play his way into starting?
Bruce Levine
No, you're not--I'm convinced of the same possible result. During his media session on Monday, Cubs' starter Matt Garza went on and on about Navarro's skills as a catcher. At 28, he is hardly just a backup at this point of his career.
Mike H. (St. Louis, MO)
Do you think Baez or Soler might be a candidate for a September call-up this season?
Bruce Levine
There's no chance for either one to be called up this season. The Cubs will bring along their top candidates in an orderly and slow pace. They still feel their position players need 500 at-bats at AAA before advancing to the majors.
Matchew (Cincy)
If we could lock up Garza for a few years at 12-14 mill/per I would be happy but I've read he could ask for close to 20 mill/per.. That seems too high and unfair considering his career so far, I'd rather have a couple quality prospects. Would you still consider keeping him even if he was asking for that much money?
Bruce Levine
With all due respect, Edwin Jackson got $13 million per year. Most people consider Garza a #1 or
Mo (Chicago)
What does Castro need to work on the most - defense? Taking walks?
Bruce Levine
Castro has to be more selective at the plate. On defense I thought dramatically last year. He still needs to concentrate a little harder on the routine play.
Ryan (Springfield)
Bruce, if you had to make a gut call today, where is Matt Garza on August 1st? Does he have a healthy extension with the Cubs, or is he pitching elsewhere?
Bruce Levine
If I had to call it today, I'd say he's pitching for the Rangers or Blue Jays on August 1st. That would have been his destination last July had he not injured his elbow.
Dan (Omaha)
Bruce, who has lost 25 pounds and is in the best shape of their life?
Bruce Levine
That would be me, thanks to my new workout routine and vegan diet.
Domey Love (NY)
How much will Jordan Danks contribute this year? Is Jared Mitchellclose to coming up?
Bruce Levine
Mitchell is still a year or so away. Jordan Danks has a good opportunity to be the 4th or 5th outfielder this year.
Gary (Antioch)
I'm really worried, the Twins and Royals have top 10 minor league systems and the Tigers are stacked. My concern is the Sox are neither of these groups which means no immediate or long term future prospects outside of winning 82-85 games. With Hahn in place, does he rebuild through the draft or continue the course of adding pieces?
Bruce Levine
The White Sox have begun to build a strong presence again in the Dominican Republic. It has been six years since they were seriously scouting that area. I think you'll see the White Sox building from within and competing like they have done in the past.
Tommy (McHenry)
is the addition of hairston being over looked? i feel like he'll be a key to the cubs getting off to a good start. and if jackson has a good spring (300+ average) does he win the job?
Bruce Levine
Jackson will start the year in AAA according to top Cubs officials. His ascension to the majors will depend on how much contact he makes at Iowa. Hairston quietly had an outstanding season last year. Any time an extra man has 50 extra-base hits, you have a very good player.
Paul (Denver, CO)
What are the chances we see Campana staying in Cubs camp as a non roster invitee?
Bruce Levine
I don't think so. Someone will likely trade for him over the next 3-4 days. Campana is a weapon that can help teams win games from the 7th inning on. Some good team will be able to afford him as a 25th man.
paulyb (des plaines)
When Ian Stewart fails again this year, who will be the Cubs everyday 3rd baseman?


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