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Mets pitcher R.A. Dickey stops by to answer your questions on Thursday. Have a question about Dickey's career, his off-the-field interests or how he's spending the off-season? Submit it now and don't miss the live chat on Thursday!
R.A. Dickey
Hey guys, thanks for coming in! Glad to be here. I look forward to answering your questions...shoot!
Jamie (Via Samsung)
At what point did you realize developing your knuckleball was the way to go? Did your teammates think you were crazy at first?
R.A. Dickey
2005 was the year that I knew that I needed to develop the knuckleball and it was because the Rangers asked me to do it because my other stuff wasn't going to be able to get it done. My teammates had questions but I don't think they thought I was crazy.
relyeajames (Via Samsung)
Being a knuckleballer, how much longer do you see yourself being a dominant pitcher in the majors, and what adjustments, if any, do you plan on making in order to maintain that dominance long term?
R.A. Dickey
I feel like my body will be able to perform for well into my 40s. But I think the most important thing is consistency, and I'm to a point now where I think you've seen an arc that's steadily gone up as far as figuring things out and getting better results. So I want to make that the norm.
Tess (New York City) [via mobile]
What is it like dealing with the pressure of pitching in New York?
R.A. Dickey
Well it's certainly a different platform than anywhere else in the country because of all the scrutiny that comes with the territory. But at the same time there's no better place to really show what you're capable of doing. And that was my hope that you're going to be able to flourish in a place that you can really show. But I've also seen the other side of the coin, there being guys that are friends of mine that haven't, and you need to keep that in perspective.
Ian, Rhode Island (Via Samsung)
Congrats on the CY Young!!! What does winning the award mean to you? Has it fully set in that you won it?
R.A. Dickey
Thank you. I think I'll be able to enjoy the Cy Young for another month and a half and then it'll be time to forget it because people will want you to win another one. Although I think it will be hard to duplicate a year like last year, I certainly will try to do my best every moment.
Trey (Via Samsung)
Did you always want to be a professional athlete? What would you be doing if baseball hadn't panned out?
R.A. Dickey
I always wanted to play baseball. When I got to grade school, middle school I really wanted to get a scholarship. Sure I dreamt about being a big leaguer, but I wanted to try to be good enough to get a scholarship. I was lucky enough to do that. If I wasn't a baseball player I think I would be an English professor or a writer.
Chad Hommant (Via Samsung)
What prompted your Mount Kilimanjaro trek last year? What advice would you have for someone who wanted to make the climb?
R.A. Dickey
I partnered with an outreach called the Bombay Teen Challenge in order to raise money and awareness for girls who had been victims of sex trafficking and human slavery so that was the impetus for the climb. But there was also the calling out for adventure and doing something that is very difficult to do. My advice is to enjoy it and go slow. Prolong your days to give you the best chance to summit because the summit day is incredible.
Erin (NJ) [via mobile]
Why do you think so few pitchers use the knuckleball. Is it because it's hard to perfect or perhaps because it's seen as a gimmick by some people?
R.A. Dickey
I think both. No one is out there looking for the next Charlie Huff, they're looking for the next Stephen Strasburg. Because of that you don't see a lot of guys coming into pro baseball as knuckleballers. Guys turn to this pitch when they get to the majors.
Kevin Ohio [via mobile]
What teammates are you closest to?
R.A. Dickey
I have good relationships with most of my teammates. I would say that I'm closest to probably David Wright, who I consider a good friend. Daniel Murphy is somebody I really enjoy being around. And the pitching staff in general, we stick together tightly.
@bromleynyc [via mobile]
What is your favorite non-baseball related activity to do in NYC?
R.A. Dickey
I love New York culture. Musicals, museums, those are the things that when I have a free day I try to get involved in.
Dave (Cortland, NY) [via mobile]
What do you have to say to those who say last season was a fluke and that teams should stay away from signing you?
R.A. Dickey
I think it's impossible to be all things to all people. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I think if you look over not just last year, but the last 3 years you'll see a consistent product.
Jody (Mass) [via mobile]
Have you ever thought about becoming a coach after your playing days are over? Maybe passing on that knuckeball to another generation?
R.A. Dickey
I have thought about that and think it is something I could eventually fall into.
Paul (New Orleans) [via mobile]
Do you have any superstitions when pitching or before the game?
R.A. Dickey
I'm not a very superstitious person by nature. I do believe in routine, but not that it affects my psyche during the day of the game.
Marcelo (San Diego) [via mobile]
What is the biggest difference between your time in New York and your time in Texas?
R.A. Dickey
I think my age. I'm an older player in New York so I've learned a lot of life lessons that have been beneficial. Second, the media and spotlight that you're under in New York is exponentially greater and that's just something that you have to be able to navigate that you don't have to navigate in Texas.
Wayne (Kentucky) [via mobile]
What current athlete do you most look up to right now? Whether it be for on the field/court talents or how they carry themselves off the court.
R.A. Dickey
I'd say I'm a big fan of Kayla Harrison, the judo gold medal winner in the Olympic Games.
CJ (Dayton) [via mobile]
Who taught you how to throw a knuckleball?
R.A. Dickey
The very first person was my grandfather when I was probably 8 or 9 years old.
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