Samsung Chat Series: David Price
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David Price
I really enjoyed playing in Montgomery. We had a great fan base. That was my favorite stop.
hank norrison [via mobile]
With the news of David Stern retiring, how much longer do you think Bud Selig will be the MLB commish?
David Price
I'm not sure. I guess as long as he wants to continue to do. I really have no idea about that stuff.
Tvictory Ocala Fl [via mobile]
Did you ever make it to the college World Series with Vandy .
David Price
No we never made it. We got put out my junior year when we were the number one team. But I was able to go out there at the end of my junior year for an award ceremony. It's great out there in Omaha.
Tvictory Ocala Fl [via mobile]
Do you think the Rays will get a new ballpark in the near future ?
David Price
I've heard a lot of talk about it. I really don't know what's going on with that. I think the mayor wants us to stay and others want us to move somewhere else. We'll see how that goes. I try not to think about it. I just show up and play baseball.
Molly (Richmond, VA) [via mobile]
Would you ever consider managing or working in the front office when your playing days are over?
David Price
I could definitely be involved in the game of baseball when my career is over. I donā??t' know if I would do the professional coaching maybe go to Vandy. I could see myself doing something like that.
raysfan09 [via mobile]
How do you feel about the new wild-card play-in game format? Like or dislike?
David Price
It probably makes baseball more exciting. It gives more teams a chance. Keeps more fan bases in the season longer. I think it's positive for baseball. I like it. It enhances everyone's chances.
Joey [via mobile]
Are you surprised by either the Valentine or Guillen firings?
David Price
No I guess they had disappointing seasons and they wanted to move in different directions.
Jeff (Springfield, MA) [via mobile]
If you could spend a day with any pitcher living or dead who would it be?
David Price
Hmmm. Growing up I was a huge braves fan. Probably Greg Maddux. I would like to pick his brain.
Thor, Bristol [via mobile]
Just wanted to say thanks for leading my fantasy team to victory this season. You won me $500! Can I count on you next season to help me again?
David Price
I hope so. I hope I can help him win fantasy again next year. You are welcome!
Randy G. [via mobile]
David, who's your favorite catcher to throw to?
David Price
Molina. He's well known for his catching ability. He's one of the best receivers. It was a lot of fun. You can trust your catcher with him. He's seen every hitter. He does a very good job calling games.
CL [via mobile]
What stadium is the toughest to play in? Which fans are the most intimidating?
David Price
New York is tough because of all the fans. It's tough anywhere that you have to warm up in front of the fans and they yell out. The Chicagos, Bostons, New Yorks. Tough atmospheres but fun to play at. They are good at what they do.
Stephanie T. Jonesboro, ARK [via mobile]
What are your expectations for next season?
David Price
Same expectations every year. I don't make personal expectations, it's all for the team. Get back to the post season and win some games.
Trevor (Boston) (Via Samsung)
How often do you get recognized on the street?
David Price
Quite a bit. I don't feel like I'm out that often. I'm a homebody. But when I am, people are polite when you are eating. Then they come over and congratulate you and I appreciate it.
DSelern7 [via mobile]
What do you think about the DH position? Should the NL follow suit or are you ever bummed you don't get to hit?
David Price
I am not a fan of the DH in the AL. I would rather face Lester than the Big Papis and ARods.
Murphy (Conn) [via mobile]
What was it like when you made the roster for your first-ever all star team? Who was the first person you called to celebrate?
David Price
It was special. I found out on a Sunday and found out I was going to start. I called my parents. I was able to throw to scoreless innings and then was then able to sit back and take everythign in. It was a very special moment for me. My family and a few friends came out and experienced it with me.
Walt, Denver [via mobile]
If you could change one rule in baseball, what would it be and why?
David Price
I guess it would have to be the DH rule. I understand what role it plays in baseball. It gives guys jobs. As a pitcher I don't like it, but I understand what it does for the game of baseball.
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