Samsung Chat Series: David Price
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David Price
Minnesota. I enjoy that field, I enjoy the hotel. I can walk to the park from the hotel. It's a pitchers ballpark. Plays fair and true. If you give up a homerun there you truly gave up a homerun. It's a gorgeous stadium.
jeff (oregon) [via mobile]
Do you think the Rays fanbase has grown since you first started with the team? What does the organization need to do to become a fan favorite?
David Price
Yes I do think our fan base has grown. I think it has a lot to do with becoming a winning team. It's been a long road for the team and the fans. I think we have put together a good fan base. And i know we are fun to watch on TV.
Tammy, RI [via mobile]
What is your proudest baseball moment?
David Price
I guess getting the last four outs in the ALCS in 2008 against Boston to go to the World Series. To be on the post season roster at that time, so young, and succeed in that role. That was a lot of fun.
Hank Decatur, Ill [via mobile]
David, who's the toughest hitter you've ever faced?
David Price
It's different. When hitters are hot you don't want to face them. But I guess I would go with Robinson Cano. He's a very tough out.
Barry. Detroit [via mobile]
At what point did you realize you could pursue baseball as a career?
David Price
I think it was my sophomore or junior year in high school. I was always pretty good growing up. Right around high school I started thinking about the draft and people started talking to me about it. That's when I put more thought to it.
Warren, GA [via mobile]
What other sports do you like to watch? Who are your favorite teams?
David Price
I really enjoy watching the NBA, especially the postseason. My favorite team is OKC Thunder. Favorite NFL team is the Titans. I enjoy watching the NHL and I would like to go to a soccer game. I enjoy watching all sports.
Kyle Fraiser, MT [via mobile]
Mr. Price: How much fun is it to play for a guy like Joe Maddon?
David Price
It's a lot of fun. He understands in the locker room its 25 grown men. He doesn't want to police us as long as we are ready to play at game time.
K [via mobile]
Who were your childhood heroes?
David Price
Both of my parents. The way they raised me and brought me up. I really looked up to David Justice in baseball. I tried to wear number 25 when I could get that and I really enjoyed watching him play.
Jen [via mobile]
Are you surprised by the Yankees collapse?
David Price
I feel like every team is going to go through what they went through. It just happened to be the Yankees went through it in the post season. It's very unfortunate for them because they put together an impressive team and an impressive regular season.
Dan from Oklahoma City [via mobile]
If you weren't a pitcher, which position would you play in the field?
David Price
I would like to play center field. I enjoy shagging. I would like to test out center field.
Phil from Houston [via mobile]
Is it true you almost quit baseball in college to work at McDonald's?
David Price
That is true. I almost quit baseball not to work at McDonalds but to get a job and take my mind off of baseball and try something else. Obviously I am very glad I did not do that.
Brett from St. Paul, MN [via mobile]
Did you play any other sports in high school?
David Price
I played basketball, baseball and I was on the golf team as well.
Linda from Tampa, FL [via mobile]
Who is the funniest player for the Rays and why?
David Price
We have quite a few clowns. The funniest guy is probably JP Howell. He's left hander, he plays that well. He's weird and just a great guy. We have a lot of funny guys though.
Greg (Vanderbilt Class of 2015) [via mobile]
What was it like going to Vandy? Do you still spend time in Nashville? What are your some of your favorite places to go?
David Price
I do enjoy visiting. I was on campus today. Its home for me. I enjoy coming back. I enjoy being around all those guys. See how they mature. I love going to all the good restaurants. Nashville has a lot to offer but I enjoy their food. I eat a lot of it.
Tom from Orlando, FL [via mobile]
What has been the biggest difference in the organization since Maddon took over the team?
David Price
Well he took over before I was there. I think the biggest difference is the freedom in the locker room. He really let's all the players police themselves. He waits for the veteran guys to take control in the locker room and on the field.
Jack from Boise, ID [via mobile]
Where was your favorite place to play in the minor leagues?
David Price
I really enjoyed playing in Montgomery. We had a great fan base. That was my favorite stop.
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