Samsung Chat Series: David Price
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On Thursday, Rays SP David Price stops by to chat with you! Have a question about his season, his plans for the offseason or his World Series prediction? Ask it now and don't miss Price live on Thursday at 4 p.m. ET!
David Price
Hi, this is David Price. I want to thank everyone for taking the time to ask questions.
Matt R. (Via Samsung)
How heartbreaking is it to miss the playoffs? Do you still watch the postseason or is it too depressing?
David Price
At the time when you know you are eliminated it is depressing. It's because after all the hard work you've put in its tough. I still watch it. Watched it last night with my family.
Clay (Via Samsung)
We're one game in, which team will ultimately win the World Series?
David Price
As well as San Fran is playing I have to pull for the AL. I want to see it come back to the AL.
Tim (WI) (Via Samsung)
What your first big purchase after signing your first big deal?
David Price
My first purchase in 2007, a white BMW. I always wanted it when I was a kid because my mom's boss had one and was able to get it after I signed.
Craig TN (Via Samsung)
What made you choose Vanderbilt?
David Price
A combination of a lot of stuff. Close to home, coaches, good education. My parents wanted me to go to a good academic school incase baseball didn't work out.
Seattle (Via Samsung)
Do you feel like you are underrated by the fans and the media? If so, does that make you more motivated?
David Price
No, I don't feel like I'm underrated. I know we are a smaller market team and don't get as much exposure as other teams. That's just part of the business.
Vustin Jerlander (Detroit) [via mobile]
What advice would you have for Justin Verlander in his next start?
David Price
I guess take it pitch by pitch. He's still one the best pitchers in baseball. Everyone has games like that. His next start will be better than last night.
mike d. [via mobile]
Aside from yourself, who do you think are the best pitchers in the game right now??
David Price
I really like Stephen Strasburg. He's really good. Gonzalez, CC, RA Dickey. These are all guys I enjoy watching pitch.
reggie [via mobile]
What would you be doing if you weren't playing baseball?
David Price
I would like to try another sport. If that didn't work out, I would like to work with kids. Try and help kids with their development. Maybe be a teacher.
Brian (Cleveland, OH) [via mobile]
Do you ever get mistaken for the Congressman David Price?
David Price
Maybe on the internet but not in person.
Jon (DFW) [via mobile]
Which of your teammates are you closest with? Do you hang out with any of them in the offseason?
David Price
I'm close with all the pitchers. We're all pretty close. We hang out on and off the field. The starting pitchers are my closest buddies.
Chris, Montana [via mobile]
What was your favorite SEC venue to pitch at while you were at Vanderbilt?
David Price
My favorite venue was probably Arkansas. That was a place every night they packed that place. A lot of chants. Very nice stadium. Fairly new when I was there. Enjoyed going there.
Ben from Baltimore, MD [via mobile]
Who is currently the toughest hitter to face in the AL East?
David Price
Probably Robinson Cano. His power and he doesn't mind hitting the ball wherever it's pitched. And Dustin Pedroia, probably the toughest person to strike out.
Tammi New Orleans [via mobile]
Which hitter on your own team would you least like to face in a game?
David Price
I would have to go with Evan Longoria. He's our best hitter and biggest threat. He hits the ball where it's placed. He's a very patient hitter.
Greg, New York, NY [via mobile]
Who in the Rays' bullpen would be most suitable to be a starting pitcher?
David Price
Wade Davis. That's what he used to do. He showed everyone the power stuff he has. He was always a good starter coming in the minors.
Jennifer GA [via mobile]
What is your favorite ballpark/city to visit in the majors?
David Price
Minnesota. I enjoy that field, I enjoy the hotel. I can walk to the park from the hotel. It's a pitchers ballpark. Plays fair and true. If you give up a homerun there you truly gave up a homerun. It's a gorgeous stadium.
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