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On Friday, former NBA All-Star and current NASCAR analyst Brad Daugherty stops by to answer your questions. Have a question about his transition from the hardwood to the race track or about his predictions on the Chase? Submit it now and don't miss Daugherty live on Friday!
Brad Daugherty
Nice to join the chat this morning! A lot of stuff going on this weekend with the We have a lot of interesting stuff going on this weekend as the Sprint Cup heads to Michigan and Nationwide goes to Montreal. It's going to be an interesting couple of weeks with the Chase battle. I'm excited for some racing! Thanks for joining me today.
Mike (SC) ((Via Samsung))
At what point in your basketball career did you figure out you may want to pursue something with NASCAR?
Brad Daugherty
It never really was during my basketball career. I've been involved with racing since HS. I grew up around the race track, worked on race cars ever since I was a young guy. The common question was always, 'you made the transition for ball to racing', I made a living playing basketball but I've always been involved in racing. There was no transition, it's what I've always done. When you see me, I look like a basketball guy but I've been around racing my whole life.
sara ((Via Samsung))
Is it true you wore No. 43 in honor of Richard Petty?
Brad Daugherty
Yes, I wore it because Richard Petty was my idol . My other hero was Wendell Scott who wore No. 34. But I was HUGE Richard Petty fan growing up.
Sam (Burbank, CA) ((Via Samsung))
What is the biggest difference between NBA players and NASCAR drivers?
Brad Daugherty
Most NBA players are 6'8 players or taller and most NASCAR drivers are 5'8 are shorter. So that's a big difference! But for basketball, your body is your insturment that you need to play the sport but for racing, you're relying on a mechanical device. I think you need to be a tremendous athlete for both but just in a different ways. Both require tremendous focus to be successful.
Cory (Missouri) [via mobile]
Which city has the best Nascar fans?
Brad Daugherty
That's tough! Oh boy... I don't know if there is one city. I think of the fan base as a whole and not just in one city. I think the support no matter where the series goes is tremendous. Even when they're not sold out, there is still a LOT of people showing up. I couldn't name just one city as having the best fans. I look at the 75+ millions fans overall.
MD, Hartford [via mobile]
Which are the more dedicated fans - UNC basketball or Dale Jr. fans?
Brad Daugherty
These are tough questions! I have to say the Dale Jr. fans. UNC, even in a down year, are going to win a lot of games. Dale Jr. has been through some lean years over the past several seasons and his fans have really stuck by him. It's pretty easy to be a Tar Heel fan!
Anthony, NY [via mobile]
What driver has surprised you most this season?
Brad Daugherty
I would have to say Dale Jr. He has put together solid efforts every week. It's obviously a great combination with his team but he has shown great ability, focus, talent, etc. and seems dedicated to putting good races together every week. He has really surprised me. I did predict he would win 2-3 races this year but I think he's been a pleasant surprise.
Thomas Kali (Burlington, CT) [via mobile]
Who would you pick for a four driver team if you could have any four active drivers?
Brad Daugherty
I would pick Tony Stewart, he's the most versatile driver, period. I think you have to take Kyle Busch because of his abilities and maybe a guy like Mark Martin who could mentor and talk to the other guys. And the final spot? I think Jimmie Johnson. That would be a pretty good team right there.
Tim, RI [via mobile]
How did you first become a NASCAR fan?
Brad Daugherty
My dad was a huge fan and I remember back in 1978 watching the Daytona 500 with my dad and seeing how excited he was. The people we read about it my hometown paper was race car drivers. They were the local sports legends. That's where I fostered my passion for the sport. There's nothing like being at a race track. It's the ultimate manhood experience! I've been going for 30 years but as soon as I get there and smell the gasoline burning, I get excited!
hector... texas [via mobile]
Which is harder to do - play basketball or race?
Brad Daugherty
I guess it depends at what level you're talking about. I race quite a bit on the local level, I enjoy it and have fun doing it. If you have all of your abilities to play ball, and are coordinated, basketball might be. But at the professional level, it would impossible to do either if you don't have the ability!
Tyree, ATL [via mobile]
What was it like playing for the legendary Dean Smith in Chapel Hill?
Brad Daugherty
Greatest experience in my life. Dean Smith taught me so much about life. I learned so much about myself by playing for him. I was given a lot of ability and worked really hard so it didn't really matter where I played in terms of basketball but I got to learn so much else from him. I still take a lot of lessons I learned then into my everyday life today. I feel really blessed that I got to spend so many years around Dean Smith.
daniel North Carolina [via mobile]
What's your favorite track to go to and why?
Brad Daugherty
You're putting me on the spot here today! I like Bristol and Martinsville because I grew up around short tracks. I think the two shortest tracks we have are probably my favorites.
Kaleb, GA [via mobile]
What up-and-coming drivers do you think we should be keeping an eye on? Who are the future stars of racing?
Brad Daugherty
I think young Austin Dillon in the NNS is going to be a star in the series. Darrell Wallace Jr. is another young man to watch. Ricky Stenhouse is going to be a heck of a racer at the next level. Those are a few guys I've got my eyes on.
Brendan, Alabama [via mobile]
Did you catch flack from your teammates for being a NASCAR fan during your playing days?
Brad Daugherty
Heck yeah! I caught a lot of flack, they just didn't understand it. I had a teammate in Larry Nance who was a drag racer (and still is) so we worked on cars together though. But a lot of those guys didn't get the racing thing. I tried to get a lot of those guys to come with me to race track and when they did, they loved it. But yeah, I got a little flack.
shawn dew (kentucky) [via mobile]
which nascar driver would you want to be your personal chauffeur?
Brad Daugherty
What about Danica? She's tiny and I'm so big, I could basically put in her in my pocket! It would entertaining to say the least.
Mandy [via mobile]
Danica Patrick is currently 11th in the Nationwide standings, is that where you expected her at this point?
Brad Daugherty
Yes, I expected Danica to get better in phases so I think I've been pretty consistent with my take on her. She's getting more comfortable with more seat time and I think this is where we expected her at this point.
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