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Justin (Lexington)
Are we going to start to see commitments coming out of the 2013 following the AAU season or are the top recruits going to wait till the late period again to make their commitments known?
Dave Telep
This is a different year. In the past when coaches couldn't go out in April, fringe kids who knew they were borderline good enough for the schools on their list would commit and lock up their spots. This year, the schools can see them more and won't be fooled. Conversely, the schools will fall hard for the top tier guys and press them early. I failed to answer your question properly. Complain to management please.
Ted (New York)
Duke only has one commitment this year, so my question is do you think they will end up with Amile or Tony Parker. Also what are the chances either Julius Randle or Jabari Parker end up in Durham?
Dave Telep
I see Duke's best chance for another HS signee being Amile Jefferson. Tony Parker, to me, hasn't given them much positive feedback or reason to think he WANTS to be a Blue Devil.
Greg (Miami)
Tyus Jones or Andrew Harrison whos the best pg in hs? and are both potential really good pros?
Dave Telep
Tyus Jones is the high school version of Chris Paul. He'd be the guy I would hand the ball to and run my team. Andrew Harrison is a hybrid, new era point guard. He's got everything on Jones physically and athletically. Jones is more advanced at captaining the ship. NBA guys would take Harrison; college guys might lean Jones. One game: give me Jones but I cringe and hope we wouldn't have to play against Harrison.
Mike (Detorit)
2012 class seems kind of average not to many standout players are the next few classes any better?
Dave Telep
2012 was average. Think about it. There were two BONAFIDE stars. 1-100, which is how I like to judge classes is average by most standards. Usually I'm sweating about having to leave someone out of the Top 100. This year it wasn't like that at all. Class isn't that deep. I love the bigs but few are alpha males at this stage.
Brandon (State College, PA)
As long as Cal is at UK is every other team fighting for the #2 class until further notice?
Dave Telep
Kentucky has four straight No. 1 recruiting classes, a No. 1 pick in Derrick Rose (I know, Memphis) and another one in Anthony Davis. He's in a once-in-a-lifetime groove. I assume they'll get a 5th until otherwise notified differently.
Greg (Philly)
is it me or is Kasey Hill criminally underrated? dudes a beast
Dave Telep
Kasey Hill has worked his way up to the No. 2 overall PG and Top 10 player in the Class of 2013. I don't think he was underrated, I'd prefer to think he's taking to coaching and gotten better. He'll receive his attention the next time around, trust me. He had work to do as a PG and he's done it. He's at an extremely high level and in an elite group.
Dave Telep
Folks, they paid me for an hour and that's all I got right D-Wade? Just kidding but carpel tunnel just set in. I speak for our entire team in saying thanks for making ESPN RecruitingNation the place for you to spend time learning, reading and arguing about recruiting. We appreciate you! Be sure to check out the Jordan Brand Classic tomorrow night at 7 p.m. ET on LIVE ON ESPN.
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