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Chat with Tim MacMahon
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Welcome to SportsNation! On Tuesday, Dallas Mavericks reporter Tim MacMahon stops by to chat about the team.

MacMahon joined ESPN in September 2009 and covers the Cowboys and Mavericks. He has covered the local sports scene from high schools to colleges to pros during his six-year tenure at The Dallas Morning News. MacMahon is a graduate of UNT.

Send your questions now and join MacMahon Tuesday at 3 p.m. CT/4 p.m. ET!

Tim MacMahon
Whew, what a wild few days it's been for the Mavs. Lamar Odom is chillin' in LA. The Mavs are fighting for their playoff lives. Fire away ...
Deven (New York)
Why does Lamar Odom want to go back to LAL? The Lakers won't have enough cap room to sign him. Are the Clippers a possibility?
Tim MacMahon
You don't need cap room to sign a guy for the mini-midlevel exception or minimum. Can't imagine that there will be any more of a market for Khloe's little Lam Lam after all the bull he pulled in Dallas.
Rob Kardashian (Lam Lam's House)
Tim... are you hearing anything through the grapevine so to speak about the realistic chances of signing D-Will this summer? Should Mavs fans be confident about it or not so confident?
Tim MacMahon
Cool socks, Rob. I like the Mavs' chances to sign Deron Williams. Others think it's more of a long shot. I just can't see him staying with the Nets and taking the chance that he'll spend the rest of his prime in lottery land. He'd have to take a lot less money to come home, but I think he can make ends meet on $20 million per year, especially with no state income taxes. A lot of athletes are turned off by the idea of playing in their hometown, but Williams has made it clear that it's intriguing to him. And he knows the Mavs' front office is capable of building a team that can contend for the long haul.
Franc (Montreal)
Whats up T-Mac? With Lam-Lam gone, and Carlisle confirming that B-Wright will get minutes at the 4 - do you see Kelenna Azubuike playing backup 3 or even being active on a healthy Mavs roster? I'm personally not too crazy about Cardlinal stepping in (love that guy though) and Yi is too foul prone.
Tim MacMahon
I wouldn't expect KA to play another minute until the summer league. The Mavs signed him with the hope that he'll chip off the rust in time to be in the rotation next season.
Chri (NYC)
Tim, we're just now hearing about the Lamar / Cuban spat. Any truth to the prior rumors about the Lamar / Dirk fight?
Tim MacMahon
The Cuban/Odom halftime clash is legit. See the story I wrote with Marc Stein. The Odom/Dirk rumor is ridiculous. I mean, fighting would take effort, and you know that ain't happening with Odom. Plus, you think Dirk would risk breaking his hand on Odom's knucklehead?
Robert (Dallas)
The Mavs appeared to dodge a bullet when Dwight Howard inexplicably opted-in for another year with Orlando. But now with the Van Gundy comments, and the general consensus of Howard coming across poorly, what's the chance he tells Orlando in the off-season that he's not coming back, and to trade him. If that happens, isn't the likelihood that Howard would still be traded to New Jersey? If that happens, so long Deron, right?
Tim MacMahon
Orlando still has say in where Howard would be traded. I saw a report -- and I can't recall which outlet, but it was a credible national reporter -- that the Magic "threatened" to trade him to the Lakers if he didn't opt in for next season. That sounds like a great fit for Howard, but he doesn't want to follow Shaq's footsteps. It makes sense for the Magic, though. If you trade Howard, get the best possible deal in return, which means landing Andrew Bynum.
nick (DAL)
Asked this to JJT, want your take- the Mavs need to dump Marion or Haywood if they want D-Will. Does either have any trade value?I would think they wanna keep their amnesty clause for a run at D12
Tim MacMahon
I would think that both have some trade value. People talk about Haywood being overpaid, but look at salaries for starting centers around the league. And Marion is still a good starting small forward with a seven-figure salary.
Dennis (MI)
Keeping up with the Odom story, did you forsee it ending this way?
Tim MacMahon
Heck, I've been trying to convince the Mavs brass to dump him like this for weeks. This is something they had to do, but I'm still a bit surprised that Cuban sucked up his pride and pulled the trigger.
Angel (Dallas)
Why didn't Cuban release Odom sooner?
Tim MacMahon
It's hard to let go of a guy that you're paying $8.9 million, especially when you know he has enough talent to be a major contributor to a title team.
Brandt (Indiana)
Why are the Mavs only inactivating Odom instead of releasing him.... I don't see the trade market for Odom
Tim MacMahon
A trade would likely be something along the lines of the Mavs sending Odom and $3 million to a team for a conditional future second-round pick. That team would then exercise Odom's buyout for $2.4 million ... and pocket $6K in the process. The Mavs would want to do this so the $2.4 million doesn't count against their cap.
Philip (San Diego)
Why are people ignore Marion's drop in offensive effeciency? It has to be troublesome not only for this year but for his career going forward.
Tim MacMahon
You have to give Marion some benefit of the doubt that his defensive responsibilities -- particularly guarding point guards while Delonte West was out -- had a negative affect on his offensive production. Marion was expending an insane amount of energy on the defensive end, especially with this crazy schedule.
jason (new london tx)
with the odom cancer gone do you see more pep in the step of the mavs, and maby leading to more inspired play?
Tim MacMahon
We'll see tonight against the Kings. Right now, I reckon the Mavs are on pace to finish 31-35 since they haven't proven that they can win without Lamar Odom. (That's a joke. That is the most befuddling stat in NBA history.)
Jason (Florida)
Why did Carlisle put up with Odom's nonsense all year. He gave no effort and now it comes out that he was constantly late? I thought Carlisle was a no-nonsense coach?
Tim MacMahon
Carlisle was stuck in a tough situation. Realistically, the Mavs needed Odom to be a major contributor to have a decent shot of repeating. Carlisle tried everything he could think of to make it work. It never did. It is worth noting that Carlisle cut Odom's minutes way back from the norm throughout his career. That's the best way a coach can punish a player. I'm told Odom whined a lot about his minutes, which is hilarious considering how poorly he played.
Richard (Austin)
Hey Tim, would it be crazy to think that the worst case scenario of missing the playoffs wouldn't be the most terrible thing in the world? The Mavs would actually have a shot at a high draft pick, would hopefully come back hungrier next season and possibly with Deron Williams! Wouldn't it be better to be in the lottery than an 8 seed with no real shot at winning it all?
Tim MacMahon
The Mavs' chances of winning a championship if they make the playoffs would be better than their chances of winning the lottery if they don't make the playoffs. The Mavs definitely don't look like a contender, but it's not like they were favorites last season. And the eighth-seeded Knicks went to the Finals in the last lockout season.
Brandt (Indiana)
Is it realistic that D-Howard and D-Will would sign with Mavs? If not, what moves will they need to make to stay relevant.... Kidd, Terry, and Nowitski aren't getting younger
Tim MacMahon
They'd have to wait another year to get a shot at Howard. Is it realistic to land both? Yes. Is it likely? No. But I do think Deron Williams will sign with the Mavs this summer. Plan B: Sign Steve Nash and try to compete with a Dirk/Nash duo leading the way. If Nash signs a two-year deal to match the years remaining on Dirk's deal, the Mavs would have a ton of financial flexibility a couple of years down the road.
Bobby (Tennessee)
What are the odds Carlisle declines a contract with the Mavs to go elsewhere?
Tim MacMahon
I don't see that happening, but that's just a hunch. Carlisle refuses to discuss his contract situation. I know Donnie Nelson is extremely confident that Carlisle will be coaching the Mavs next season.


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