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Zeller was the 2008 Indiana Mr. Basketball. Welcome to SportsNation! On Tuesday, NBA prospect, and former North Carolina Tar Heel Tyler Zeller stops by to chat. Zeller is ranked 12th on Chad Ford's top 100 NBA prospects list. He just finished his four-year career at UNC with his third career trip to the NCAA tournament. The last two seasons ended with trips to the Elite Eight, while as a freshman, Zeller was a part of UNC's 2008-09 national title team. In each of his four years at Chapel Hill, Zeller improved in points per game, shooting percentage, rebounds, assists, blocks and steals. He was chosen as the 2012 ACC Player of the Year as well as 2012 Second Team All-America. Send your questions now and join Zeller Tuesday at 4:45 p.m. ET!
UNC star forward and now NBA draft prospect Tyler Zeller will be here at 4:45 p.m. ET to take your questions!
Tyler is here!
Abbie (Chapel Hill)
What do you see as being key to a successful transition from college to pro basketball.
Tyler Zeller
I think just making sure I work hard and preparing as much as possible. It will be a learning process as I go.
Ryan (PA)
How tough ia it to guard a guy like Ryan Kelly(a three point shooter) and then guard a tough guy like KU Robinson(a tough guy in the paint)?
Tyler Zeller
It definitely does change. You have to know the scouting report and know the players' tendencies. It is harder to play out on the perimeter.
jay (chapel hill)
huge fan of yours zeller, but i gotta know how close your brother cody was to joining you at the greatest college basketball school?
Tyler Zeller
I think we were very close. It definitely came down to Indiana and UNC. I truthfully didn't know until about 20 minutes before he committed.
jake: granada, minnesota [via mobile]
What was your immediate reaction when kendall marshall got hurt?
Tyler Zeller
It was very sad. Something we knew our chances had been reduced. But we knew we had a lot of great players, though.
Evan (Chapel Hill)
Any chance the team does one more round of pickup games with students while your all still at UNC?
Tyler Zeller
I don't know about this year, because I think we're all dispersing and getting ready for the NBA draft.
Nolan (San Antonio, TX)
You made a rare decision in this day and age to stay all four years at UNC and it seems like you are happy with that decision. What advice did you give Cody as he faced a similar decision?
Tyler Zeller
I just told him the decisions that I went through, especially last year. He weighed his options. My first two years, I was injured so I didn't have a choice. It made it easier.
Mitchell (Fc)
one question what are you going to work on durning the offseason to improve your game for the NBA?
Tyler Zeller
I think you just have to work on your all around game. Make your strengths stronger and your weaknesses not as weak.
Jeremy H (Minneapolis)
Are their certain players in the NBA that you look forward to play against?
Tyler Zeller
Yeah. Any time you watch any superstars player, it's tough to watch. Playing against them will be a surreal feeling and something I look forward to.
Chris (New York City)
Can you take Cody 1 on 1?
Tyler Zeller
It's probably been since last summer when we played each other. It's intense. We have fun with it and try to make each other better and see who can win.
Cooper (VA)
Are you nervous about going to the NBA?
Tyler Zeller
Yeah, a little bit. Just the sense of the unknown. You don't know where you're going to go. At the same time I'm excited. It's a new opportunity.
Andrew (Chapel Hill)
What made you finally decide to get (back) on Twitter
Tyler Zeller
It was just something that during college basketball it was restricted and tough to Tweet. Now that I'm out of college, I think it will be fun to give fans a chance to see what it's like to prepare for the NBA.
Brandon (Milford, DE)
Do you realize how famous you have made your parents? They at least got 6-7 screenshots per game.
Tyler Zeller
Yeah, they're all over the news. Sometimes they'll talk about them more than Cody or I. I know CBS did a segment on them.
Tim (virginia)
Was this years team close off the court?
Tyler Zeller
Yeah, we were very close. Our lockerrooms were always fun to be a part of. We joked around and teased each other. It was a great group to be a part of.
Jason (Freeland, PA)
What's the roughest part about the NC/Duke rivalry? Are Duke/Carolina players friends off the court?
Tyler Zeller
Probably the physicality of it all. You know every game will be intense. We're always physical with each other. You just have to play through it.
Cameron (Roxboro, NC)
What do you think you will miss most about Chapel Hill?
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