Postgame Recap: Chat With D'Arcy Maine
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On Monday night D'Arcy Maine stops by from the Superdome in New Orleans immediately after the National Championship game. Have a question about the game or want to share your shining moments of the tournament? Come back as soon as the game ends and chat live!
D'Arcy Maine
Greetings from the Superdome! First, congratulations to Big Blue for winning it all. Now we've got that out of the way, let the Calipari jokes begin! I kid, I kid...
Brandon Tilley [via mobile]
How bad do you think Kentucky's recruiting violations will be the next few years?
D'Arcy Maine
Saw that coming.
Beth (Georgia) [via mobile]
Do you think folks will give Coach Cal credit now or will he be the guy who just got lucky with freshmen?
D'Arcy Maine
I don't think anyone questions Calipari's coaching ability. He's a great coach and a tremendous recruiter who sells the program for exactly what it is - a gateawy to the NBA. There's nothing wrong with that in terms of rules. I think this team was superbly talented and in that sense, a lot of coaches could have taken them to a title victory. However, a lot of coaches couldn't have gotten them to Kentucky or on the same team. He definitely deserves that credit.
John (Kansas) [via mobile]
Is TRob going to the draft for sure?
D'Arcy Maine
I think so, John. His stock is so high, I don't think he would want to risk that. He's an incredible talent and I would think those in his inner-circle will advise him to do so. Would be great to see this Kansas team made up of mostly juniors return. Taylor will be a huge loss but if the other four starters returned, I would think KU would be the team to beat.
frank detroit,Mi [via mobile]
So what's next for kentucky...
D'Arcy Maine
Same as every year. Say hello to a new bunch of super freshmen.
dilloen erie pa [via mobile]
how was the atmosphere tonite, or yesterday, was it amazing, did u enjoy it?
D'Arcy Maine
Don't you have school tomorrow, Dillon? Get some sleep! But the atmosphere tonight was really amazing. Kentucky fans are a ton of fun to be around. They might be the only fanbase that can completely down out the Kansas faithful. It's been a great weekend and I love being around such dedicated fans. The New Orleans factor doesn't hurt either.
D'Arcy Maine
FYI: The combined attendance total for Saturday and tonight was 144,274. Or roughly the population of Kansas City, Kansas.
Joe [via mobile]
Who won mvp
D'Arcy Maine
Anthony Davis was named the Most Outstanding Player. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Doron Lamb, Thomas Robinson and Tyshawn Taylor were all named with Davis to the All-Tourney team.
ukbaby [via mobile]
Let the dynasty begin!!
D'Arcy Maine
Not to be a Debbie Downer here but it's hard to have a dynasty when you have a completely different roster every season...
Blake (Nevada) [via mobile]
Are there any front runners on Shabazz Muhammud's list of schools?
D'Arcy Maine
Lots of questions on Shabazz Muhammad. And having watched last week's All-America game, I can definitely understand why. Kid is a superstar. He's apparently narrowed his list down to three shcools: Duke, UCLA and... wait for it... Kentucky. We'll see but I would put my money on UK.
Tommy Kansas [via mobile]
You think Shabaz Muhammad is headed to UK?
D'Arcy Maine
Can you imagine how good this team would be if they got both Shabazz Muhammad AND Nerlens Noel? They both have UK in their top three. That would obviously give the Wilcats the No. 1 recruiting class in the nation... again.
Jayton st.petersburg fl [via mobile]
Do you think anthony davis and michael kidd gilchrist are locks for the first 2 picks in the draft?
D'Arcy Maine
I think Davis a lock for No. 1 but MKG isn't a sure-thing for No. 2. Definitely a lottery pick though. Thomas Robinson, Harrison Barnes and Andre Drummond all could go earlier.
Justin (Tucson) [via mobile]
Did you think the officiating was fair and balanced? Seemed to favor UK in many spots. Aggressive shot blocking attempts and not tons of free throw attempts.
D'Arcy Maine
I think there were one or two moments that seemed to favor UK but all and all, especially considering how poor it's been in this tournament, the officiating was pretty good. I don't think it effected the outcome in any way.
weatherraph [via mobile]
Truly amazing what UK has done this year, calipari is an amazing coach
D'Arcy Maine
And an even better recruiter.
Joe [via mobile]
One or two towards Kentucky? Ok. What about the non goal tending call in the first half that favored Kansas?
D'Arcy Maine
There's no chance the officials are going to get every call right. Again, I didn't think the officiating played a role in the final outcome of this game. Thank goodness. I can only imagine the outcry if it were different.
BeaverLand, Canada [via mobile]
Are you off to Denver to cover Notre Dame against Brittany tomorrow?
D'Arcy Maine
No, I wish! I've never seen Griner play in person. Should be a good final between Baylor and ND tomorrow night.
Derek (Chicago) [via mobile]
Do you think Cal bolts for the NBA now?
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