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Welcome to SportsNation! On Wednesday, WeAreSC blogger Garry Paskwietz stops by to chat some USC football.Paskwietz is the Publisher of WeAreSC and has been covering the Trojans since 1997. Paskwietz is also a co-host of the USC Football radio pre-game show Send your questions now and join Paskwietz every Wednesday at 5 p.m. ET!
Garry Paskwietz
Hello everyone, let's get started
Pietro (San Francisco)
When does the team start practicing with pads?
Garry Paskwietz
Saturday is supposed to be a half-pads day but the full pads won't come on until the team comes back from spring break on Tuesday, March 20th.
Double H (Palo Alto)
What's the status with Patrick Hall--in or out of the program?
Garry Paskwietz
Patrick Hall is not listed on the spring roster and is currently not with the program. Kiffin had mentioned recently that there is a slight chance he could come back but we haven't heard anything since then.
Bill (O.C.)
Now down to 76 scholarships. Any rumors as to who will be the last one to get us to 75?
Garry Paskwietz
Kiffin had mentioned that any walk-on who was awarded a scholarship could end up going back to walk-on status so that could indicate someone like Will Andrew or Abe Markowitz. Of course, there's always a chance that situations will play out (such as Vehikite) where players naturally are removed from the roster and there won't be a need for further reduction.
Daniel (Cypress, CA)
Are you guys allowed to get any tape/photos of practice?
Garry Paskwietz
Photos were posted on the message boards last night and a video interview with Kevin Graf is on the site now (along with some footage from warm-ups). We're only allowed to film the first 15 minutes of practice so that's why the only footage you usually see is generic warm-up shots.
This is garbage. The REAL SC and the REAL USC is in Columbia, SC. South Carolina was a college before California was even thought of to be a state! USC resides in Columbia, SC. It always has and always will!
Garry Paskwietz
OK, thanks for coming.
Jay (Sunnyvale)
Hey Garr, who do you think will win the starting job at LT and what are your thoughts on the D-line? Who will start and will it be slight better than last years?Also, any information of a potential starter at FB?Deep down, what is SC's overall performance for this upcoming year? PAC-12 crown and BSC??
Garry Paskwietz
Kevin Graf is the odds-on starter at LT. He looks real good and Kiffin said after practice that if Kevin looks good at LT, and if Walker looks good at RT, then he would see no need to explore any changes. My guess on d-line starters at Kennard, Uko, Tavai and Horton with Townsend being a valuable reserve who could see time at both inside and outside spots. Soma Vainuku is the likely fullback, he's the only scholarship fullback on the roster right now. I think everything is possible for this team in terms of BCS and Pac-12 titles, they are capable of shooting for those titles.
Daniel (Cypress, CA)
Do you know if Will Andrew will get an honest look at the back-up MLB spot? I know the coaches need to find a way to get to 75. I don't want to see him go.
Garry Paskwietz
Scott Starr is the back-up MLB right now as of his first practice so I think it's pretty clear the coaches think he can get that spot. Will Andrew is a fine player and will contribute on special teams but I would be surprised if he is able to move ahead of Starr.
Jason (San Diego)
Hey Garry! In your opinion, do you think George Farmer will at least be a punt returner this year? That would give Robert and Marquis a chance to rest. He's the type of athlete that just plants his foot in the ground and goes. What do you think?
Garry Paskwietz
Yes, I do think George will receive some consideration for that. So will Nickell Robey. I see Lee in the mix possibly too but I would be surprised if Woods does any returning this year. George looked great yesterday in the opening practice of spring.
Daniel (Cypress, CA)
Drew McAllistar preformed well at practice, if this continues could he fight Starling for playing time? or is he just TJ's back-up?
Garry Paskwietz
I would be surprised if he pushes Jawanza for a starting spot but if he's healthy he certainly is capable of it. I think everyone in the USC program would be content if Drew can stay healthy and contribute on a regular basis.
Donald (Louisville)
Garry, when will the ESPN 150 for 2013 come out? It still has all of the 2012 recruits on there and doesn't have an updated 2013 list of the top 150 recruits. Thanks!
Garry Paskwietz
Mid April is the target date I've heard.
William (Montana)
It seems more college teams are moving away from a pro style offense. Will that be cause for the pro teams to alter their style of offense? Do QBs in a pro style offense like SC currently have an advantage getting drafted into the pros?
Garry Paskwietz
Good question. It might have a slight impact on the pro game but I don't anticipate it being a drastic one. I do think that benefits USC to be a school that sticks with the pro style offense because it should always help to attract top quarterbacks and receivers.
Tim (Carson)
Who do you think the back up defensive ends will be? Are you concerned about the lack of proven players there?
Garry Paskwietz
I would definitely say it's an area to watch. The starters are fine, as good as it gets with two seniors. Townsend is one guy I thought would have been a top reserve but it looks as if he may shuttle between playing inside and outside. We'll see how Breslin looks once practice gets started. One guy who really jumps out just eyeballing him is DeVante Wilson but we probably won't see him cleared until fall.
trevor (l.a.)
Hi Garry. Can you give us your best early guess for which rounds USC players will get drafted this year?
Garry Paskwietz
Kalil first round. Perry maybe first but second at the latest. DaJohn Harris and Rhett Ellison could be middle round picks. Any others would be late rounds or possible free agents.
Tim (Carson)
Is Javorius Allen fast? How is his speed?
Garry Paskwietz
He's not a big hulking back, he's in the 210-215 pound range and he has decent speed. He says his game is a power running style so I'm anxious to see him in action once the pads come on, we really didn't get a chance to see much of him last year on the service team.
Greg (Seattle)
Will Anthony Sarao or Marquis Simmons have a greater impact on the 2 deep?
Garry Paskwietz
I think it will be Sarao. He's pretty clearly the #2 WLB behind Pullard whereas Simmons is
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