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Welcome to SportsNation! On Wednesday, NFL draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. will be by to discuss the college football and NFL seasons.Kiper has served as expert analyst for ESPN's annual NFL draft coverage since 1984. His pre-draft predictions are frequently the most accurate. On Saturdays from 8 a.m. to noon ET, Kiper co-hosts "Dari and Mel" with Dari Nowkhah. He also appears on ESPN Radio's College GameDay as well as SportsCenter and on your questions now and join Kiper Wednesday at 1 p.m. ET!
David (Charlotte)
Has Barkley moved ahead of Jones as the #2 qb in your mind?
Mel Kiper
It's awfully close. The big game for Jones is the Ok St. game. It's pivotal. No All-Star Games for him so if he is coming out that is his last chance to show his skills. Barkley is right there. They were close when the season began actually. It all comes down to Dec. 3. If they both come out early the will both be battling for that second QB pick behind Luck. Some will like Barkley and some will like Jones.
jim (Germany)
when teams consider drafting Brandon Weeden and they look at his age, is that a positive or negative fact about him?
Mel Kiper
It's a negative. A lot of QBs in the NFL right now are right around his age or even younger. He turns 29 in October. A 29 year old rookie?! Most first and second round QBs are out of the league by the time they are 29 because they didn't work out. Just think about the advantages he had in college because of his age ... he had an edge in college.
Jaylen (Detroit)
Where do you rank Robert Griffin III on the list of avaliable qbs in next year's draft? And do you see him as a Michael Vick type player?
Mel Kiper
He's not Michael Vick. Not as fast or difficult to handle. Vick is a tremendous running threat. Griffin will run when he has to but he's not the same threat. His ability as a passer shouldn't be underrated. He's a heck of a passer. The issue is height.
Will (Nashville)
How much stock to NFL teams put into the draft history of colleges? For example, does the fact that USC has so many highly drafted QBs that have completely bombed in the NFL hurt the stock of Matt Barkley?
Mel Kiper
Won't hurt Barkley at all. Every school has guys who fail. Carson Palmer has had a nice career. Leinart dropped some now he has a chance to see what he can do. Sanchez was high and then low. It all changes and every school goes through it.
chauncey (teaneck)
can you see the packers losing on thursday?
Mel Kiper
There is a chance for sure. Especially the way Stafford is throwing the ball. They have really gotten the run game going. The line will have to protect Stafford though. The Packers have their site set on being 16-0. The Lions just haven't put a full game together yet. How many times have they been behind? They just can't seem to string together four quarters. You can't do that against Green Bay. If you don't play four good quarters, you aren't coming back in the fourth against Aaron Rodgers.
Knsh (NJ)
How does this years crop of FS look?
Mel Kiper
Not bad. It's not a bad group. The position overall isn't great ... no first round safeties .. but there are some good second round possibilties.
Joe (San Antonio)
Wasn't one of the knocks on Rodgers coming out of Cal that Jeff Tedford had mentored Akili Smith and Joey Harrington so people thought that Rodgers was just a system QB?
Mel Kiper
That's true. But see how that worked? That dispells any truth about labeling guys by their college or coach.
dennis (san jose)
How many points is it worth for the Team having to travel across country on 3 days rest like the 49ers vs. Ravens?
Mel Kiper
It's a big deal and gives the Ravens a heck of an advantage. When the Ravens had to make that long trip to Seattle off a Sunday night they lost. For San Fran on a short week it will affect them. That's just the way it is and they have to deal with it. But don't shed any tears for them. They can lose this game and still be in good shape.
Justin Blackmon (O St)
Will I be the first WR drafted come April?
Mel Kiper
Definitely. No question. Not even close.
Big John (Santa Rosa, CA)
What are your plans for Thanksgiving Mel? Are you working? What Thanksgiving games are you looking forward to most this season NFL or NCAA?
Mel Kiper
Arkansas-LSU is THE game. It has a chance to be one for the books. These teams always play back and forth games that go down to the wire. We've always wanted to see LSU's defense face a good offense and Arkansas has that. Arkansas is a very balanced team. Tyler Wilson has been lights out. It's a heck of an offense. Everybody wanted OK St. or Stanford against LSU but we're getting Arkansas instead and it's great.
Joe (San Antonio)
Do you think Patrick Witt of Yale has any chance to be drafted?
Mel Kiper
He's got some skills. I've watched him in several games and while he's playing at a low level of competition, he has some talent. He's probably an undrafted free agent. But he has a chance to get to a camp and show his skills.
Adam Charlotte, NC [via mobile]
Where does this year's defensive line prospects rank? Haven't heard much buzz about them
Mel Kiper
Not a lot of buzz because Quinton Coples hasn't been as dominant as we expected. Teams focus on him and not having coach John Blake there has hurt him. He was the one really getting Coples prepared and ready to play. Not having that influence has affected him. He has dropped down to around No. 8-10 and nobody else on defensive line is in that category for me.
Jeff F (Baton Rouge, LA)
Who's the better pro prospect? Tyler Wilson or Aaron Murray?
Mel Kiper
Tyler Wilson. By a lot.
Zebron (Savannah, GA)
Quick question Mel, when Arkansas beats LSU, how much chaos will it create?
Mel Kiper
Alabama, LSU and Arkansas are a jambalaya of BCS chaos. It will be a real debate. They have been lucky in past years, the BCS, that things fell right and it wasn't hard to define the two best teams. I root for chaos because I want a playoff. Doesn't look like we will have one for awhile but if Arkansas wins it will certainly create a huge controversy. The BCS loves the debate and discussion. They probably think it's great. The amount of people talking about college football is at an all time high so I guess they are laughing all the way to the bank.
Ben (Blacksburg VA)
What's the word on where David Wilson ranks among RB's if he leaves after this year? Is he better off coming back and going against next years RB class?
Mel Kiper
He's a very talented kid. Very versatile with speed and athleticism. It's a strong Junior RB class. Richardson, James, Polk, Wilson, Monte Ball are my rankings... Ray Graham used to be in that top five. Those are the elite guys and they are all ahead of the seniors.
Mel Kiper
LaMar Miller would be in that mix as well but he is a third year sophomore ...
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