Chat with Barry Melrose

Chat with Barry Melrose
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Welcome to SportsNation! On Thursday, ESPN NHL analyst Barry Melrose will drop by to take your questions about the NHL season.

Melrose re-joined ESPN after coaching the Tampa Bay Lightning for the first part of the 2008-09 season. He first started with ESPN after coaching the Los Angeles Kings to the 1993 Stanley Cup Finals and was a commentator on ESPN and ABC since 1995. Melrose made his NHL debut with the Winnipeg Jets in 1979. A defenseman, he played for the Jets, Toronto Maple Leafs and Detroit Red Wings before retiring after the 1986 season.

Send your questions now and join Barry Thursday at 3 p.m. ET!

Barry Melrose
I hope everyone is enjoying the playoff race we're having right now. It seems like every night we have a team either gaining a playoff position of losing one.
josh (nj)
Barry Melrose
Josh, I'm afraid you're a dreamer. They have to claim over at least five teams and I don't see that happening. It will be a great story but I don't see it happening.
Steve (Ohio)
barry, how bout my jackets the last few weeks, im starting to build hope again, the west is really tight spots 4 to 10, do you think the jackets can sustain and push for the playoffs?
Barry Melrose
I don't think so. I don't think they are as good as Chicago, Minnesota, Dallas or LA. They have a great story but I don't see them getting a playoff spot.
kurt (Buff)
Sabres, buyers or sellers? or both?
Barry Melrose
I think buyers. I think they realize they a close and I think they will be looking to add something to their team, especially scoring at the deadline.
Matt (Fresno, CA)
With the Kings current hot streak, do you still see them making a move by the deadline?
Barry Melrose
Yes. I think the Kings will be very aggressive at the deadline. They have been talking to the right teams already and I see them making a move.
Jimmer [via mobile]
Leafs... have a shot at 8th seed?
Barry Melrose
The Leafs are a lot like the Devils and Islanders, they are playing well but they have to jump over some teams to get it. That means teams ahead of them have to play bad and they have to play well the rest of the season and I just don't see that happening.
Peter (Boston)
Do you see the Rangers making any trades?
Barry Melrose
Yes. I think they will try to be active. They remember what happening last year so I think they will be a time that will try and do some stuff.
Ara (Philadelphia)
Barry - who should be the Flyers goalie in the playoffs? Bob or Boosh?
Barry Melrose
I think they will like Bobrovsky but I think it will come down to who's playing the best. I think Philly feels Bobrovsky is the better goaltender but it will come down to who's playing the best at that time.
Matt (Huntington Beach, Ca)
why wouldnt the kings go after brad richards, they need another center
Barry Melrose
I think it depends on if Dallas will move Richards. I think if he is on the move there will be number of teams after him. It all depends on if Dallas wants to move him.
CB (Philly)
Any word on Peter Mueller and his concussion? Will he play again this year? Ever?
Barry Melrose
He's a very young man so I would have to think he will play again. Obviously he has concussion problems and I don't think it's a guarantee that he will play again this season.
Bud (Charlotte)
How about my Ducks
Barry Melrose
The Ducks are playing great. They are winning without Jonas Hiller. but they did lose a tough game last night. And the Ducks have proven that if they make the playoffs they are capable of upsetting anybody.
Jeff (Pittsburgh)
Do you see Sid returning to the ice this year?
Barry Melrose
Yes. All the reports are saying Pittsburgh feels he will be back in March and obviously they need him desperately.
rocque Trem (cleveland ohio)
Barry what's going on? How about those Cleveland Lake Erie Monsters?
Barry Melrose
I'm not sure what the point is but it's great to see hockey in Cleveland.
Elisabeth (New York, NY)
Who are the Bruins dangling as trade bait to get that coveted puck-moving defenseman?
Barry Melrose
Their extra first round pick. That's whats all teams want and that's what the Bruins are willing to give up.
Graham (Washington DC)
Who do you think the caps will try to add before the deadline?
Barry Melrose
I think the Caps will try to add solid players. They won't trade any of their stars. They have good young players in the minors and they are just looking to add some good secondary players.
Keith (Hamilton)
Do you think I am right when I say Boston is the only threat to Philadelphia in the east?
Barry Melrose
No. I think Boston is a threat, Pittsburgh when Crosby comes back and Washington is are threats. I think Philly is the best team in the East right now but after the trade deadline, a lot of other teams will be better.


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