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Chat with Ryen Russillo
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Chuck (Boston)
If it's about brand, he goes to NY. If it's about loyalty, he goes to Cleveland.If it's about winning, where does he go?
Ryen Russillo
Jason (Orlando)
If the Celtics make it through do you give them a chance against the Magic? Compared to the Cavs, the Magic have a better coach, better supporting cast, a more diversified offense, a stingier defense, and the knowledge that they beat the Celtics last year (I know they didn't have KG but still).
Ryen Russillo
I wouldn't put too much into last year. (this will lead to 100 orlando magic fans pointing out that the Magic also didn't have if that's equal to losing KG...which it isn't) But I'm not picking against Orlando in the EC Finals. Although Perkins does a great job against Howard--the Celtics are one of the few teams that doesn't have to double Howard.
Brian (Madison)
Question: How soon is too soon to ask your girlfriend to move in?
Ryen Russillo
Before you move out of your parents' place.
Jim (akron Ohio)
hey ryen Shaq and antwan are killing us!!!! Doesnt Lebron tell the dumb coach in private that he cant play those two and that they should run a fast pace offense? Does the coach dictate everything 100% or does LeBron have a say?
Ryen Russillo
I would hope Lebron and Mike Brown would both come to the conclusion that Jamison in this round can't guard anybody and Shaq is a waste of touches. They had less than 5 (guess) attempts at a fastbreak. What made this Cleveland team so scary late in the year is when they got out and ran. But look, we can talk about a million different things, but if Lebron has another "worst playoff game ever" performance in one of the next two, Cleveland is going home.
Larry (Las Vegas, NV)
If Kobe can't utilize Pau and Bynum to their full potential, do the Lakers have a real shot of winning 3 or 4 championships in a row? Whenever Kobe starts shooting 10-12 times in a quarter, no one else gets touches (3rd qtr, Jazz game 4) and you can tell the offense is different. But once he starts to involve everyone else, the Lakers look pretty unbeatable.
Ryen Russillo
3 or 4 more championships is unrealistic. That means Kobe will be 35/36 and we have no idea what the roster is going to look like then. The offense is better with Gasol and Kobe and Odom rolling to the basket off of Kobe decisions. But, Kobe's been a much better team player the last couple years.
Nate (Woburn)
Ryen, great to hear you and your 1510 The Zone brother, Anik on the radio together last week. Do you think Ray Allen ends up back with Boston next season? Of the Big 3, he is the one that looks like he can run forever!
Ryen Russillo
Depends on what he wants. Depends on how far the Celtics go. I think he'll be somewhere else. They won't want to pay him more than 7 million a year. The real question is what does Pierce do? He can opt out.
Me (Here)
I tried TonyG's supplement. Their OK.
Ryen Russillo
I like his stuff and he doesn't pay me to say it. Tony Gonzalez supplements - All Pro Science - it doesn't make you feel weird. Natural stuff.
Jacob (Salt Lake City)
What do the Celtics have that can slow down Dwight Howard? The Cavailers have Shaq that can but the Celtics don't have anyone that can match up with Howard at all. I see Dwight having huge games next round.
Ryen Russillo
This is wrong. Look at Howard's numbers over the years in splits. Perk does a terrific job, doesn't let him get close to the hoop.
Ty Webb (Bushwood)
Russillo, I have a pool and a pond. The uh, pond would be good for you.
Hayden (Logan, Utah)
What happened to leandro barbossa? He used to be a threat
Ryen Russillo
The rest of the bench got better. He used to be the only option. He was more of a D'Antoni guy.
Alix (San Antonio)
Ryen Please Answer! What are the Spurs going to do? Can they find a team dumb enough to take R-Jeff? Will they get a lotto pick and a role player for TP? HELP!
Ryen Russillo
Jefferson is owed a ton of money. Hard to think you can move him after this terrible year he just had. It's not like they're going to give Parker away. I don't know how different that team is going to look.
steve (pa)
What is Bosh's best option? Thunder, Heat, Cavs, Bulls, Knicks, or somewhere else?
Ryen Russillo
I would say Chicago or Oklahoma City. You need a guy to defend and do the dirty work next to him. That is definitely Noah, possibly Ibaka.
Jordan (Toronto)
Bryan Colangelo has a poor track record in free agency. He signed Marcus Banks, Jason Kapono and Hedo Turkoglu to a combine 90 million dollars in guaranteed money. What's he gonna get back for Bosh in a sign and trade??
Ryen Russillo
The Banks signing is an all-time terrible signing. Turkoglu basically quit this year. Would Houston do Jordan Hill, Aaron Brooks, Scola, and a pick? Maybe the Knicks pick? Remember, the problem with a sign and trade is that you aren't trading Chris Bosh. You are just hoping to get something back instead of losing a player for nothing.
Ryan (Los Angeles)
RYEN, ANSWER ME! What is your gut feeling about LeBron and this summer? Chicago, Cleveland, NY or other? Put a percentage on each destination! Thanks buddy!
Ryen Russillo
Ryan (Stillwater)
I can't believe you ripped Dragic that one time.
Ryen Russillo
Why because he was playing so well earlier this year?
Okay, not to poor more gasoline, but why aren't any of you ESPN guys calling Lebron a quitter, the way you did when Kobe had a terrible game against OKC - only Kobe was injured a lot worse. Hypocrites!
Ryen Russillo
LJ are you serious? So what you believe is everyone called Kobe a quitter and no one called Lebron one today? That's not even close to being true. I didn't call Kobe a quitter and I haven't called Lebron one. I just don't know what happened last night.


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