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Welcome to The Show! On Thursday, Scouts, Inc. senior baseball analyst, Keith Law, will stop by to talk some baseball.

Keith was formerly the special assistant to the general manager with the Toronto Blue Jays and has a wealth of knowledge for you to tap into.

Send your questions for Keith now, then check into The Show on Thursday at 1 p.m. ET to see his answers.

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Keith Law
Sorry, was just fielding calls to see how I can turn my 2019 Hall of Fame vote into, you know, some political or financial benefits for me or my wife...
Otis (Mt Airy NC)
Klaw- I know you're not Pres. of the Derek Jeter fan club, but can we start to seriously consider that he might retire as the all-time hits king?
Keith Law
I think that's becoming less likely, not more, as he's starting to slow down offensively and his defense declines.
Jeff (Los Angeles)
What's the deal with Rafael Furcal? Why would he verbally agree to go back to the Braves then bail on them for the Dodgers? That's not the type of player I want here in LA.
Keith Law
It's not his player - it's his agent. It sounds like they had a verbal agreement, his agents found out they could get more from LA, so they reneged. (I've tried to reach Kinzer but he hasn't returned the call.) If that's accurate, I'd have a hard time ever dealing with them - your word is critical in this business.
John (Charlotte)
Klaw, am I crazy to think that CC isn't even the best lefty in the AL East, never mind the AL. John Lester produced against better line-ups all last year and when comparing post season numbers, CC isn't even close to the pitcher that Lester is.
Keith Law
You are crazy.
Victor (NYC)
It looks like the Mike Cameron trade to NY is on life support, at the very least. We all know Cameron, even with his .330obp is a tremendous increase over our AAAA youngsters, but how much of a downgrade defensively is Gardner/Melky from Cameron?
Keith Law
I'd say at least half a win. Possibly more.
Eric (MA)
What can you tell me about Red Sox minor league rookie of the year Kyle Weiland? What does he project as down the road? Thanks.
Keith Law
Setup man, potentially a closer. Definitely in the pen.
Patrick, Chicago
Clayton Richard, Jeff Marquez, Aaron Poreda, John Van Benschoten, Lance Broadway, Jack Egbert, Jon Link... Are ANY of these guys viable starters next year? in the future?
Keith Law
No, no, yes, no, no, no, no. That was easy.
Bob (Tinley Park, IL)
Hey K-Law, thanks for the chat. What do you think of the Cubs signing Joey Gathright? Low OBP, kinda reminds me of Pie, so why not just keep Pie as 4th/5th OF'er?
Keith Law
Pie has actual upside, whereas Gathright just kind of stinks. And Gathright's a lousy defensive CF too.
Nick (Long Island, NY)
You recently ranked Sean Green as the 3rd best winter meeting acquisition. Do you see his stuff as being better than that of Joe Smith?
Keith Law
Yes, it is better than Smith's.
Stack (NJ)
Not sure if you've seen much of Gardner but defensively he's not far off from Cameron.
Keith Law
I have. He's not close to Cameron.
Ryan (Pittsburgh)
Paul Maholm made huge improvements last year. He pitched extremely effeciently, but he also showed that he can get the K when he needs to. Would you consider him to be a No. 1 pitcher? Or does he have another step to take?
Keith Law
I consider him to be a No. 5 starter. "Can get the K when he needs to" - translates as "can barely miss a bat to save his life."
Frank (Madison WI)
Whats your take on Alcides Escobar?
Keith Law
Overrated. Can run, quick bat, poor pitch recognition, no power (present or projected), good glove. This is not one of the top ten prospects in the game.
John (San Jose)
I know you aren't a fan of the salary cap in any form, and I do agree with you, but if the Yankees or Sox wind up with Tex at an obscene price, isn't this yet another sign to small-market fans that, even if their teams have short-run success, they won't be able to sustain it because teams like the Yanks, Mets, Sox, and Angels are just going to outspend them no matter what when their players hit the free agent market? I only see the Yankees getting more ridiculous with their spending now that they have a new park. 300 million dollar payroll anyone?
Keith Law
We hear this every time one of the northeast teams goes on a big spending run, without anyone actually waiting to see, you know, if all that money was put to good use. And that's without considering the fact that Tampa Bay and Colorado have won pennants the last two years on low payrolls and good player development.
Jason (Knoxville)
I just read that Rocco Baldelli was given the wrong diagnosis, and he actually has a treatable disease. Have you heard anything about this? If it is true, what kind of value does he have?
Keith Law
I've only heard what you've heard. I hope it's true, but I have to wonder about 1) how likely it is that the first diagnosis was wrong and this one is right and 2) the timing of the revelation. I don't mean to sound unsympathetic - I've got a metabolic disorder myself, but fortunately it doesn't affect my livelihood - but it seems a little too good to be true.
Pete (laurel MD)
Is Fernando Martinez still a top 50 prospect? I know many have soured on him but he is still not 20 and played great last year in the spring. I remember you writing that he was impressive BP at the futures game so I would like to know what you think...future star, bust, or trading chip
Keith Law
Future star.
Paul (San Diego)
Keith, I respect most of your opinions, but c'mon man, get real! Of course New York/Boston aren't GUARANTEED success by spending way more money than everyone else, but its an obvious HUGE advantage to be financially capable of retaining your best players while also being able to outspend smaller market teams for their players. You're cherry-picking with TB and Colorado.
Keith Law
I'm cherry-picking with two of the last four pennant winners? And the Phillies' success was built mostly on their drafting - Rollins, Howard, Utley, Hamels, the players traded for Lidge and Blanton, etc. You can ARGUE that it's a HUGE advantage to BE able to keep your PLAYERS, but your argument seems very light on ... facts.


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