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Welcome to The Show! On Friday, Major League Gaming player Strongside, or Michael Cavanaugh, will stop by to chat about his experience in the MLG.

Cavanaugh is a member of the No. 1-ranked professional gaming team, Final Boss. Strongside is a fan favorite and has emerged as one of the most dominant players in Major League Gaming. With his unparalleled dedication to practice and his strong play, Strongside helped Final Boss win the 2007 MLG National Championships and the 2008 season opener. Strongside has had an extremely successful professional gaming career and is currently sponsored by Red Bull and NBA All-Star, Gilbert Arenas.

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Hey, what's up everyone! This is Strongside, and I'm ready to answer your questions!
Lindsay (Houston, Texas)
Who were you impressed with the most at Meadowlands?
I was most impressed with all of Final Boss. They put 110 percent in to get ready at the tournament, and we played absolutely amazing. OGRE1, OGRE2, and Walshy were just plain amazing.
Mo (KY)
How much do you practice, per day?
I usually practice sometime between 9 and 12 hours a day. Practice makes perfect. Practice beats skill when skill doesn't practice.
Sam, Indy
Talk about gaming as a job. Honestly, do you ever get sick of playing Halo everyday?
Actually no! I love playing video games, and I'm doing what I love for a living. I'm going to some great tournaments and having a great time there.
kent (san diego, california
whats your favorite gametype and why?
My favorite gametype would have to be King of the Hill on the Pit . It seems to be a well-balanced type and map. You have two sniper rifles, so you're braining people left and right.
Derek, NYC
Should the sword or any other weapons be added to MLG gametypes?
I think MLG has made the gametypes perfectly for now. All the gametypes seem pretty balanced, and it seems like the maps and weapons they're putting on there work perfect. It'd be kind of sweet to see the Spartan Laser on there--just a funny thing to have on the map.
Ruben (Fort myers, Florida)
What would be the toughtest thing you have overcome to become a pro in your eyes?
It'd have to be practicing and keeping up with the other players, taking their strategies and keeping up with your own. You need to be devoted and dedicated to becoming the best.
Ian Toronto, Ontario
What gets you pumped up before a big match?
That's a good question. It'd have to be the crowd and the fans. When they're out there screaming your name when you're out on the main stage, it pumps you up and makes you play that much better.
Justin (westland,Mi)
who do you believe to be the biggest competition coming into san diego
Coming in to San Diego, it'd have to be Str8 Rippin and Team Classic. We'll be out there practicing right alongside them. San Diego will definitely be a tough tournament.
Shane Wiggins (Lexington Kentucky)
What is your most memorable moment at any MLG event?
My most memorable moment would have to be that first tournament with Final Boss, being the newest member with a lot of pressure on me. It was the greatest feeling ever after that tournament.
Jason (Bayonne, New Jersey)
What type of things do you go through during your practices?
The types of things we would go through are our particular strategies. We'd put in our input and mix it all together, testing it out to see what works. We'll practice it over and over until we have it down perfect, then go from there.
justin lee (Washington Michigan)
What is your favorite weapon on halo 3? and the most efficent weapon
My favorite weapon would be the sniper rifle, 'cause it's a quick and easy kill, even at close range. It seems to be the most efficient and powerful one out there.
Dustin, Vernal UT
Individually, who do you think is the best player on the cercuit?
That's a tough question to ask this early into Halo 3. I can't poke it down to one person. I'll just go with my teammates for now. They're just amazing players.
Jared (Grand Rapids, MI)
What controller setting and sensitivity to you like to play at?
I like to practice on 5 sensitivity with vibration. I usually play on 4 sensitivity with vibration and default settings at tournaments.
Steve ( Michigan)
What is the weirdest thing that a fan has done at an event?
One guy came up to me and asked me to sign his forehead. Which I ended up doing.
Matt Ross (Dixon IL)
what do you think your key role on your team is
We really don't have a certain thing that each person does. Everyone does a little bit of everything depending on how the game plays out.


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