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Downing talks story on Eddie
There was a breeze of change blowing through Waimea Valley down to "The Bay" at the opening ceremony of the Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau yesterday. The big wave invitational's blessing, invitee intros and photo-ops were moved from the grassy, ...

'Chasing Mavericks' giveaway winners
In celebration of the release of Hollywood's "Chasing Mavericks," at the start of the month we asked you to offer up your best caption for the above photo. The good people at Pearson Arrow Surfboards and Dolby Laboratories, creators of Dolby Atmos, ...

In the water with Sea Bass
When Sebastian "Sea Bass" Zietz emerged from the backwaters of Kauai he was but a young pup coming up in the shadow of the Wolf Pak. His biggest claim to fame at the time was that he was born unto this world with an extra thumb on his right hand and ...

The rise of Liberia
If Bob Dylan was a surfer, he would be singing about Liberia because the times are definitely a' changin' for this West African nation. Forget what you think you know about Liberia, because the future of this country lies in surfing. With warm ...

Bianca Buitendag profile
"Who are your rivals?""No one in particular," Bianca Buitendag says.Just anyone and everyone between her and the proverbial top. No personal vendettas. No hard feelings. Just hard surfing. And goals that need meeting.Buitendag's been kicking it on ...

Turkey trotting at Maverick's
Although anything but epic, the annual Maverick's Thanksgiving gathering of the peak took place in a solid 12- to 15-foot swell, and with a who's who of Maverick's chargers looking to kick-off the North Pacific big-wave season there was plenty of ...

Best of the West
Western Roundup Highlights from fall in California and Hawaii. Gallery The early season in the North Pacific started with a roar. Jaws offered up a huge paddle day well before Halloween, XXL nominations came down like rain, and with a ...

Sterls preps up
Winter officially starts in one month. But the season has already showed some early signs. This is a time where people who have certain lifestyles start to make changes. Some put the surfboard away. Others just pull out more rubber. And some just ...

Gabby's North Shore flip-out
Love it or hate it, you can't escape it. The Thanksgiving turkey's not even stuffed and Gabriel Medina has seemingly pulled the move of the winter on the North Shore. Of course, there's always the next swell and surfing's keen on hyperbole, but ...

Hard luck man
If Pat Gudausaks has learned anything on tour this year it's heartbreak. Languishing at 32nd on the ASP world tour ratings and 27th on the world rankings, this moment in his competitive career has come down to whatever magic he's able to work in ...

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