McMorris, Gold nominated for NEXT
Every year since 1998, ESPN The Magazine has recognized an elite group of emerging athletes to watch in the year ahead -- athletes they call NEXT. This year snowboarding's own Mark McMorris and Arielle Gold are up for consideration in the action ...

'Stonp or Die'
Japanese snowboarder Kazuhiro Kokubo has represented his country twice in the Winter Olympics. He's been a mainstay in the halfpipe at Winter X Games since 2004, firmly planted his flag with back-to-back wins at the Burton U.S. Open in 2010 and 2011 ...

Nike Snowboarding Project, Chapter 3
In today's hyper-speed, ultra-slick digital world it may seem counterintuitive to make an online snowboard edit with actual film. The amount of time it takes to shoot action with, say, a Super 8 camera, get that film developed and then transferred ...

Good Wood
Snowboards and surfboards have, without a doubt, enjoyed the benefits of modern materials like P-tex, foam and fiberglass. Take a look at the walls of any snowboard or surf shop and you'll see the products of modern design and fabrication lined up ...

One Step Beyond
Having traveled to South America for summer snow since he was 13, Vancouver, British Columbia-based pro snowboarder Tamo Campos has always possessed a strong connection with the continent. But during a volunteer mission to Peru in 2011 as part of ...

Mervin Manufacturing: deconstructed
Oh Black Friday, the annual holiday where those of us who didn't strike out after Thanksgiving dinner to sleep on mall sidewalks so we could be first in line for those "one day only" deals traditionally like to gather around the evening news ...

Thank You, Donna Carpenter
Most often, when you see stories about Burton in the news, there is usually a quote or reference to the owner, Jake Burton Carpenter. But what about the other half of the equation? You know, the other person who helped Jake start one of the world's ...

Look Who's Calling Will Lavigne
Will Lavigne is a key player in the new French Canadian powerhouse crew known as Déjà Vu. He may have less tattoos than LNP and less ESPN money than Louif Paradis, but his skills are nothing to shake a stick at. In his recent '"ONE OFF" Quiksilver ...

Lucas Debari wants to 'Go'
Lucas Debari, Kael Martin, Blake Paul and Alex Yoder are making a movie this winter. Sam Tuor, the man behind the movie "Manifest," about the late Aaron Robinson, will be in tow to film all the antics as the five of them live their snowboarding ...

A bunch of Random Bastards
Random Bastards is a crew of highly motivated and talented urban-focused snowboarders from Sweden that just released one of the best free online full-length movies ever. The production quality is on point, the riding is amazing, and the spots they ...

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