In the water with Sea Bass
Nov 27, 2012 03:06 PM
By Jake Howard

When Sebastian "Sea Bass" Zietz emerged from the backwaters of Kauai he was but a young pup coming up in the shadow of the Wolf Pak. His biggest claim to fame at the time was that he was born unto this world with an extra thumb on his right hand and for a haole Hawaiian could get around on the dance floor. For the last few years he's been hammering away in pursuit of not just being a novelty. With a win at the recent Reef Hawaiian Pro he shook the typecast, and by qualifying for the 2013 ASP World Tour he's managed to surpass all of his initial goals and dreams. The thing of it is, Sea Bass has put his time in. He cut his teeth on the hard-scrabble reefs of Kauai's North Shore, claims Andy Irons as a monumental role model, and by his teenage years he was spending more time in the water at Off The Wall than just about anybody. Hard work, dedication, discipline and an extra thumb, it's all paid off for the kid.


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