Nike Snowboarding Project, Chapter 3
Nov 27, 2012 09:42 AM
By ESPN Action Sports

In today's hyper-speed, ultra-slick digital world it may seem counterintuitive to make an online snowboard edit with actual film. The amount of time it takes to shoot action with, say, a Super 8 camera, get that film developed and then transferred into a form that can be edited is considerable. Why expend the effort for an online short when you could get it done so much faster, with moving images that are snappy and crisp, with the newest HD 15 million pixel digicam?

Because there's something about analog style that can't be translated to ones and zeros. And Absinthe Films' Justin Hostynek understands this better than most, which is why he stuck to film for the latest installment of the Nike Snowboarding Project short that he just directed. Don't quite get what we're talking about? Maybe Nicolas Müller and Gigi Rüf can explain it better...

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