Look Who's Calling Will Lavigne
Nov 14, 2012 01:12 PM
By Matt Vanatta

Will Lavigne is a key player in the new French Canadian powerhouse crew known as Déjà Vu. He may have less tattoos than LNP and less ESPN money than Louif Paradis, but his skills are nothing to shake a stick at. In his recent '"ONE OFF" Quiksilver part, he laid down a tactical display of smooth tech, street gnar and backcountry wizardry that showcased his all-around ability.

With Lavigne being part of what is sure to be one of the most highly anticipated videos coming out next year, we decided it was a good time to sit him down and find out what makes him tick.

Hey Will, what's going on?

Everything is good, just hanging out and having some food with some friends. It's a pretty mellow day.

Your new online part was pretty sick. Did you have a full part with another project?

That was my main project; the plan was to film all year and then release an online part. I will have some stuff in the People movie, though, as a guest.

Why an online part and not film with a production crew?

Quiksilver is trying to rebuild its team and the image and are adding some new riders and wanted to showcase everyone.

Is that why Quik added Jake OE and Danimals to the team? Are they trying to focus on street riding a little bit more?

Yeah, I'm super stoked. They both have really unique style. Quik is down for them and thought they would be a good addition to the core team of Bryan Fox and Travis Rice.

How stoked are you to be working on your own project with the Déjà Vu crew?

Oh man, I'm super excited. It's a project we have been talking about working on for a few years and we just wanted to wait for the right time. It feels like now is the perfect moment to push forward with it. The motivation is high right now and we are excited to start filming this winter.

Where are you from originally?

Quebec City.

Are you nervous about how the movie will be received in the lower 48 with an all-Canadian crew?

I'm not nervous. I think everyone in the project has a really good following and everyone knows the dudes in the video. Snowboarder magazine is going to help us as a media partner and all of our sponsors will help support the distribution, so I think it will work out really well.

Was it important to have LNP and Louif open up the door to the U.S. industry for everyone else in your crew?

Yeah, I think so. As soon as one guy sort of breaks through, he's going to reach back and try to open up the door for everyone else. It helps to have someone to introduce you to everyone and sort of help get your name out there.

Does it just feel natural to be filming with all of your friends again?

Yeah, for sure. We all hang out together when we aren't snowboarding. I spend most of my summer with these guys. It feels really nice to have the support of everyone in the crew; we have all known each other for so long that we don't have to ask for help. Everyone just sort of steps up and works together. It can be hard to ask for a lot of support from people when you barely know them but have been crewed up to film with them.

"Whiskey" was first Canadian video that got a lot of recognition in the U.S. Are you going to have any intoxicated clowns in your video?

(Laughs.) Honestly, I have seen "Whiskey," but I don't know much about it. I don't think we will, but you never know!


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