• Louis-Felix Paradis wins Real Snow 2012

  • By ESPN Action Sports | January 28, 2012 1:22:07 PM PST

The Real Snow 2012 Fan Favorite vote was the most nail-biting, down to the wire, flip flopping case of one man up, one man down that we've ever seen. When we left the Winter X Games venue last night Halldor Helgason was up by a few hundred votes. When we came back in this morning, Louif was ahead. Fifteen minutes until the voting closed, Helgason was up by mere tens of votes. But then it shifted, and Louif took it in the end.

The final vote when the polls closed was: Helgason 38,398 vs. Paradis 38,430. For those who aren't math wizards, that's a 32 vote difference. Think about that, if you didn't vote, yours could have made the difference in deciding who took home Fan Favorite honors and $50,000. Ooooh.

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