Auby Taylor Xposed
Dec 04, 2012 04:51 PM
By Mike Sinclair

What sets skateboarders apart from the general population is their unique quirks and a fierce independence from the social norm. It's the unseen factor that keeps us (skateboarders) from being labeled "athletes" and "role models" -- something we all take a snarky pride in. Auby Taylor is no exception. I don't mean he's arrogant, he just dances to his own tune. A little off kilter, slightly introverted and a pure natural talent on a skateboard. Like the champions of skate individuality before him -- Neil Blender, Jason Jessee and Mark Gonzales -- Taylor is on a path to legend-hood -- and riding for Mark Gonzales' Krooked Skateboards doesn't hurt either. Taylor was reached while he was out skating by's Mike Sinclair, who pulled answers out of Taylor with surgical precision. I'm calling to interview you for ESPN.

Auby Taylor: Oh man, I'm not good at interviews. I'm just out in LA filming with Scuba and Jason Hernandez. Ishod [Wiar and Trevor Colden are with us too. Are you sure this is a good time Mike.

It's perfect for me, are you good?

Yeah, I'm just looking at a spot right now.

Your real name is Adam but you go by Auby?

Yeah -- I'm Auby Jr. My Grandfather got his life saved in the war, I'm not sure which war, but the man who saved my Grandfathers life was named Auby, so my Grandfather named my dad Auby and I took the name over when I turned 17. No more Adam.

What town are you from in Texas?

I'm from Keller, Texas just outside of Dallas. I would say it's just your average conservative town -- no skatepark there.

What did you skating growing up in Kellar, Texas?

My Dad would take me too Dallas and Ft. Worth skating to hit downtown and my friends and I just skated street mostly. There were no skateparks in Kellar.

Didn't you tell me you were home schooled?

Yeah, I was home schooled at a early age. I never went to any public schools. I made it to kindergarden then I was taken out. I wouldn't change anything. The only thing about being home schooled and being an only child is that I didn't know how to function socially. I did like the fact I could be at home with my mom though.

How come you don't have a Texas accent?

Give me a couple beers and it will come out. If I'm around other texans it will come out for sure.

Why have you switched board sponsors so many times?

I had trouble fitting in different places and I was just trying to find a home somewhere with a family vibe and have fun skating. It's hard to fit in when you are different.

Now you are with Krooked, are you gonna blow that too?

I don't know. I hope not. Probably... I'm really stoked on those guys so hopefully I can make it work this time.

If you blow it there's always Zorlac.

Ah yeah, that's the OG Texas company. Zorlac all day. Krooked is sick, I like the vibe and the way all those guys skate. I'm stoked to just be in contact with those guys and have the help. Thanks a ton to Bob Anderson for introducing me to John Alden.

>Let's talk about Asperger. What is it?

It's basically a high functioning side of autism. Which means I'm a little more sensitive to things -- sounds, smells and tastes. Some things that are easy for other people might not come as easy to me, like social behavior. Things like tying my shoes for example, I couldn't tie my shoes until I was 10. I don't really know what it is man. I'm not sure if it's real or not. I just know how I am. I don't think having Asberger is a bad thing.

When did you move out to west?

I moved out with my best friend from Texas. We moved out to Long Beach two months ago. Before that I was living in Ventura for a little over a year. I worked for Enterprise Car Rental, it was a really funny job.

Aren't you working at LB Skate now?

Yeah, I'm working on Friday and Saturdays so come see me.

What are you plans this year?

My plans? Well I want to skate as much as possible and try to stay focused. I would like to travel outside the country somehow. I hope I can get a little braver and I want to learn switch 360 flips.

Ok, Auby I think we are done...

Oh man, Ishod just landed a sick front board right now.

I bet, he rips.

Yeah. Ok, one more thing. I'm real superstitions and some days I feel a little different about things.

Is that all?

Yeah that's all. Oh and sometimes I feel like a alien.



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