Dakota Servold x 100
Nov 27, 2012 01:12 PM
By Mike Sinclair

Dakota Servold came on the scene about a year ago. Servold earned himself a Thrasher cover right away and has been steady crushing everything in his path since the release of WTF! Could being roommates with Leo Romero be the secret ingredient of Servold's shredding spree? We can only speculate until we see what's next from Dakota Servold.

10 Reasons why you shouldn't drop out of school.

It's good for a back up plan.

Learn how too read.

Learn how to write.

The girls are tight.

Maybe get lucky with a teacher.

It will make your parents happy.

You can be the cool kid at school.

Beat up all the losers.

Time off of skating if you are injured.

I don't know, I dropped out so I'm not the best one for these questions.

10 Reasons to live in Arizona.

All my friends I grew up with live out here.

I picked up my first skateboard out here.

So many skateparks everywhere.

Paradise Valley skatepark is out here and that's the best park in the world!

It's hot as hell! That part kinda sucks in the summer, but Long Beach is not too far away if you need to escape the heat.

There's a lot of crack-heads, that kinda sucks, but crack-heads are everywhere nowdays.

There's a lot of hot chicks out here.

The mountains and the cactus are kick-ass to be around.

Mountain biking is super fun out here when it's 115 outside.

"Oh my god, it's techno music!" Jaws lives here!

10 Reasons to travel to the East Coast.

To chill with Big Mike.

Rodent's crazy ass.

The spots are amazing!

It's like Jarasic park.


Hoody weather is always tight.

Not all the spots have been murdered.

You can drive up to every spot, no fences at schools.

Dan Murphy.

Steady Pugg'n.

10 Reasons to live with Leo Romero.

He's kick-ass.

Get to wake up to him rocking out folk style.

We skate everyday.

Trying to beat him in skate everyday... I never win.

He's always looking out for the bros.

We are in Long Beach.

I have a parking spot.

Watching The Office marathons.

Always laughing.

SOTY 2010!

10 Reasons to ride for Foundation.

Because they put me on even though I suck.

They have a sick history.

Big Mike is the TM.

Their wood is so tight.

Everyone on the team rips.

Swank is kick-ass.

I grew up watching "That's Life."

They put food and water in my stomach -- that's nice of them.

Bros on the team love each other so much they fight in the van.

Keep on rolling!

10 Reasons not to room with Nick Merlino.

Because you will not sleep.

He will invite people from the streets into the room.

He talks loud as hell.

He's out of his mind.

He always trying to party no matter how early we have to get up.

He's always trying to get girls in the room but that's tight.

He likes dance music like me so that's tight.

He always has beers that's tight too so it's not all bad.

He likes to beat up Marquis.

At the end of the day Marquis and Nick will end up fighting and rooming together so I don't have to worry about it too much.

10 Reasons to own all three seasons of East Bound and Down.

"You're a lucky man"

"Cherry Blossom"

"Black Biker Week"

"Can you feel it, the tension in the air right now"

"My son Gabriel"

"Let the boy watch"

"Myrtle beach"

"Boogie Boarding"

Ashley Schaffer BMW

Kenny F---ing Powers!

10 Reasons to own a Great Dane.

They're kick-ass, that's all I can say x 10

10 Reason to watch The Office.

It's the best show ever!

Michael Scott

Helps smiles

Chicks like to watch it when they are having sex.


Helps me go to sleep

Pam is the cutest thing ever


I know a chick that was on the show

It's just kickass, check it out

10 Reasons to grow up living next to Jaws.

Hood rat s---!

His dad took us skating every night.

His dad always told me if you can't get hurt doing it... Why do it at all?

Making movies at sleep overs.

The fun never stops.

It made me the person I am today.

Water ballooning cars right out front of his house.

Mimi ramp sessions for days.


Gone skating!



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