How to: Be a ski bum
Nov 27, 2012 11:07 PM
By Andy Parry and Will Wesson

Fall is the time of the year for strange rail setups in the woods, which is what went into this new episode of Line Traveling Circus, which dropped on Sunday. Sometimes you end up doing things you never would have thought possible. All it takes is for one person to jokingly suggest something and it can become reality. "Let's just make a square rail," said Shane Mcfalls.

What do you do when you have four 10-foot PVC rails? You connect them all with 90-degree angles and make a square rail. When Shane threw this suggestion out, we had no idea what he was talking about and said it would never work. Two weeks later, we were in the woods rolling large snowballs to make the walls that would support the square rail. It was fun and frustrating at the same time. Out of the two days and countless hits on the rail, we got it good a few times and had some good crashes.

Below, Traveling Circus regular and experienced ski bum Will Wesson gives tips on perfecting the ski lifestyle and how to live the dream while making the most of your time. "So, you've decided the ski bum life is for you?" says Wesson. "Well, be prepared to make some sacrifices. The question is: Just how much are you willing to give up to ski every day?"

Get a night or weekend job. Any job that allows for weekday skiing is best. Working at a resort gets you a pass, but watching people ski while working is torture.

Or find a high-paying seasonal job, like commercial fishing, fire fighting, or landscaping.

Share your living spaces. Cram friends into a small condo or residence to split costs.

Don't over-do the instant noodles. It's easy to get sick of the cheapest foods. Learn how to make a variety of things with pasta, rice and veggies.

Work hard all summer, play hard all winter.

Be OK with working, eating, and sleeping in the same building.

Expect some crazy characters of all ages to be working with you. And plan on not seeing very many females.

When the access road closes and the snow is all yours, it will all be worth it.

Be willing to live in and out of your vehicle for long periods of time. Your sleeping bag is your life.

Be outgoing and make friends whereever you go.

Follow the snow, visit friends, and travel constantly. When you do, be kind to your hosts: contribute to bills, wash dishes, share food. Remember a warm couch always beats a cold car.


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