A day in the life of Jimmy Fitzpatrick
Nov 28, 2012 12:58 AM
By Doug Parsons, video by Cliff Talley

After some recent renovations to the Fitzland riding property, Jimmy Fitzpatrick invited us out to check out what goes on during a normal day for the Metal Mulisha and Rockstar freestyle motocross rider.

The day started out gearing up with X Games multi-medal holder Matt Buyten, pro snowmobiler/FMX rider and Red Bull athlete Daniel Bodin, Destin Cantrell and others to break the silence with four-stroke engine pops and two-stroke over revs over the peaceful vineyards surrounding the area.

After riding on this particular day, we found ourselves standing on the deck overlooking his yet-to-be filled man-made pond. A perfect spot for setting up some targets and blowing off a little steam while firing live rounds of adrenaline-packed bullets into the hillside.

Slowing it way down a notch, Fitzpatrick took us to his local golf spot to decompress a bit and have some fun playing pranks on his buddy Bodin, who was on the last few days of his trip down to Southern California before it was time to head north to start practicing Snowmobile Freestyle for X Games Aspen.

A barbecue and some football at Buyten's house would be the perfect ending to a good day but not before hitting the local skeet shooting range to get in what has been dubbed "Thursday night therapy" for the boys out here in Temecula, Calif.

Tags: ACTIONSPORTS, MOTO X, SNOWMOBILING, Bodin, Daniel, Buyten, Matt


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