USA BMX pays tribute to Kyle Bennett
Nov 30, 2012 12:47 PM
By Brian Tunney

In mid-October, 2008 U.S. Olympic BMX team member Kyle Bennett was killed in a single vehicle auto accident not far from his home in Conroe, Texas. Bennett was a three-time UCI World champion, three-time NBL champion, 2009 ABA champion and part of the BMX Hall of Fame. The news of Bennett's death shocked the BMX race community at large.

Candlelit vigils at Bennett's home track were held, Bennett's former sponsor Free Agent paid tribute to the rider, and USA BMX began the process of piecing together a video that paid tribute to Bennett's influence and legacy on the BMX race scene.

At last weekend's USA BMX Grands in Tulsa, Okla., Bennett's bike was called up to the gate one final time, and USA BMX documented the procession. Along with the touching tribute at the Grands, USA BMX also sat down with various race personalities such as Matt Pohlkamp and Caroline Buchanan to discuss Bennett's influence on their racing. Kyle Bennett may no longer be with us, but his legacy perseveres throughout the BMX race community.


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