Mike Saavedra at Woodward Tahoe
Nov 28, 2012 09:36 AM
By Aaron Nardi

As fall was setting in, Deluxe pro Mike Saavedra expressed worry that the trails he built at Woodward Camp's new Lake Tahoe location wouldn't last much longer. Tahoe at the end of summer sounded like a perfect weekender to me, so two days later, we were packed and headed out on an 8-hour overnight drive. When we arrived, we were in luck -- the trails were in good shape since Mike, his brother, and their crew built them months ago. After a good day of riding went down, we had a little extra time on our hands so we went all over Lake Tahoe -- climbing on waterfalls, swimming at the beach, and even a wild night in Reno with Cesar Lopez. All in all, the trip was way too much fun and now we all can't wait to go back when the snow is good.


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