Voices: Kings moving to Seattle?
Feb 07, 2013 08:51 AM
Another hurdle in the way of the Kings' possible move from Sacramento to Seattle has been removed, as the Seattle group looking to purchase the Kings has formally filed for relocation with the league. Is this a good call for both Seattle and the league?

Super Fantastisch Schrempf: "The NBA is not going to expand anytime soon. This is the only way Seattle can get a team back. I feel bad for Sacramento, but it is what it is."

dude224082: "I'm a fan of the original Sonics. As excited as I am to being one step closer to seeing the Seattle Sonics name back in the NBA, I hate this for Kings fans. Just know that a lot of Seattle basketball fans would have preferred an expansion team to taking another city's team. Hopefully the city of Sacramento can have a plan worked out similar to the one in Seattle where someone agrees to pay for most (or all) of an arena with the intention of bringing professional basketball back to Sacramento and hopefully another city will not have to lose their team to make it happen."

Gihyou: "Although I would be excited to see a team return to Seattle, if this sale does end up going through, 2 things about this are absolute shames: A) The loss to the Kings fans, B) The Maloofs make a huge profit despite not deserving this at all."

Cameron3196: "I live in Atlanta and have a completley unbiased opinion on this as I have never lived in either city. I feel for Sacramento...when given even a semi decent team they have filled the arena and had GREAT fans. Not their fault the team is garbage, I wouldnt pay to watch Cousins get ejected every game either. However, Seattle is a great city and NEVER should have lost thier team."

Chrissl: "Sonics deserve the real Sonics back. Make Clay Bennett take the Kings."

Well Umm Durrr.: "Good news: Seattle has a team again, Bad news: They inherited the Sacramento Kings roster."

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