• Could the Knicks win with Jeremy Lin?

  • May 7, 2012 6:10:58 AM PDT

The Knicks are still in a hole against the Heat, but an 89-87 win in Game 4 has given New York fans some hope, as well as restored some dignity to the series. Carmelo Anthony's 41 points propelled the Knicks to their first postseason win since 2001, but the most interesting storyline going forward is Jeremy Lin's availability for Game 5. Lin's been out for a good long while, but he's participated in 3-on-3 games and could suit up for the Knicks going forward. Would they have a better chance with him at point guard?

Game 5 matchup?

The Knicks have to go a long way to win this series, but the possible return of Jeremy Lin could help them immensely.

Decimated by injuries?

The Knicks had been losing players left and right before this series even started.

Comeback chance?

Five teams are in a 3-1 hole in the playoffs, but a comeback or two isn't out of the question just yet.

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