SN voices: Peyton Manning's arm?
Apr 10, 2012 09:20 AM

When he's healthy, Peyton Manning is perhaps the finest quarterback in the game. Broncos receiver Eric Decker says that Manning is back to full strength after missing all of last season. Do you believe him?

bearfan3485: "I never thought Mannings arm wasn't going to regain its former "self".....The HUGE questions is how long before someone lays him out and he is back on I.R.?"

pokeralex29: "In fairness Decker's comparison is to Tebow, so I'm not sold yet"

theKMANknows: "It's NOT HIS ARM they're going to have to worry about. It's his neck."

bigmac27199: "Here is the reality of it all.... IF Peyton is only 75-80% of his old self that is still three times the ability that Tebow would EVER have at the position. I am in the belief that he is nearer 100% and will become an elite qb again after he shakes off the rust and gets a few cobwebs knocked loose."

kechill2003: "As a Manning fan I can't wait to see what he can do with a good running game and great defense. "

army of bono: "So a guy that has never caught a ball from Peyton Manning before is saying his arm has lost no strength. How would he know? "

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