Will Yu Darvish struggle this season?
Apr 10, 2012 06:08 AM

Seeing as they're all major league hitters, the Mariners can be expected to score runs in bunches from time to time. Just not all that often, and certainly not in the debut of the Rangers' marquee offseason pitching acquisition. Yu Darvish struggled mightily in his first start in the majors, giving up four runs in the first inning to an anemic Seattle offense, but he settled down later on, which could suggest that it was just nerves. Can Darvish handle MLB?

A worrisome sign?

The Rangers expected Darvish to be an ace, but aces aren't in the habit of putting their teams behind four runs in the first inning.

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Darvish's future?

Darvish's adjustment period could have ended after that disastrous first inning, or it could never truly end. We'll have to wait and see in his next few starts.

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Tigers or Rangers?

Both the Rangers and Tigers have been winning big in the opening stages of the season.

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