SN voices: Red Sox in trouble?
Apr 09, 2012 11:48 AM

When have the Red Sox not had some kind of horrible bullpen issue early in the season? We'd have to go back a few years, especially since this year's 0-3 start is causing blood pressure to rise all across Massachusetts. Can Boston power through its bullpen issues?

dbpgh: "Man, the Tigers did this against Bostons best? What are they going to do against the lesser rotations? "

gobluewolverines928: "I think the AL East winner may only have 92-94 wins because the top four will beat up on each other all year. Sox could definetly end up winning the division no doubt"

BostonCeltic1888: "The fact is every team has problems & no one is running away with anything....Not this year. MLB will be as close to the NFL then ever before"

CalaisYaY: "this bullpen will continue to be a problem all year. if the sox had a decent bullpen i'd give them a shot at the world series, but that is not the case"

spartyon 12: "After these three games I still think Boston will be a good team. The tigers just overpowered them, it is hard to beat a team with that lineup"

KSizzle474: "Why did the Sox let Papelbon walk away? Did they somehow think that they were upgrading with Aceves? He isn't even a power pitcher like most of the best closers in the game today... He threw an absolute grapefruit to Cabrera on the first pitch!"

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