• Jadakiss' all-time NBA starting five

  • November 25, 2015 8:22:23 AM PST

Rapper Jadakiss visited ESPN's Bristol, Connecticut, headquarters this week to hit the First Take debate desk and promote his new album, "Top 5 Dead Or Alive." With an album name like that and a passion for basketball, 'Kiss knew he wasn't going to leave the premises without talking to us about his all-time NBA starting lineup. Here's what the veteran Yonkers musician had to say:

PG: Magic Johnson

Jadakiss: He made me fall in love with basketball. He made me want to be a point guard and have that pass-first mentality in my game. Watching him just gave me goose bumps.

SG: Michael Jordan

Jadakiss: MJ is the greatest 2-guard of all time, by far.

SF: Julius Erving

Jadakiss: The way he came from the ABA to the NBA. The afro. The legendary dunk. I remember him as a kid, my father and my uncles just sitting around for hours drinking beers, watching games, talking about Dr. J. And his son, J. Erving, was my manager a few years back, so I got a special connection with the Erving family.

PF: Tim Duncan

Jadakiss: I love Charles [Barkley] but I gotta go with Timmy, the Big Fundamental. He has more rings, he's still playing, and the Spurs have a chance to get another one. That's not a prediction, but you can never count them out.

C: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Jadakiss: He still holds the record for most total points scored in NBA history and did a ton for the culture. His UCLA career was impeccable, his pro career was impeccable. He was just an iconic figure.

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